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13th WCTR July 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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  • Eric Britton
    Subject: 13th WCTR July 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Dear Eric , How was in Helsinki? In the name of Prof. Romulo Orrico Filho, Chairman of the wctr2013Rio, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2012

    Subject: 13th WCTR July 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


    Dear Eric ,


    How was in Helsinki?


    In the name of Prof. Romulo Orrico Filho, Chairman of the wctr2013Rio, I have the pleasure in promote the 13th WRTC Conference



    I would like to request your special favor in release it along to colleagues who study and research on urban sustainability and mobility so that they can realize their studies and submit Abstracts (until 30 April 2012).


    I would like to congratulate him on the work continued towards a sustainable world.

    Best Regards

    Eva Vider




    After enjoying their new lwtters about Fairness, let me give you our recent studies and paradigms to compliance issues addressed in our country, in the last 5 decades.


    As cities have grown, as well as the paradigms of research on urban problems.

    The urban problems of Brazil became more complex over recent decades, and the FAPESP, throughout its 50 years, funded the work of researchers who revealed this transformation. 


    In the Decade of 1970 studies have pointed to the peripheries of cities as a territory strongly hit by migratory waves and driven out of the presence of the State uniformly.  The current paradigm of research shows that they have become heterogeneous, are dealt with public health services and education, albeit with uneven quality, but that compromise the life of its residents with transportation disabilities to name one example.


    Another paradigm shift is the ability to gather data about cities and use them, with the help of computer resources, to generate new knowledge and applications to society. "The mass of data available today is gigantic and allows making far-reaching studies. Not long ago the researchers were forced to restrict the search target because of the difficulty of collecting data "


    The CEM is headquartered at Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (Cebrap), the institution responsible, in the 1970, for fundamental urban sociology studies.


    Analysis of the data from the 2010 census compared with 1980, 1991 and 2000 shows a complex situation. "The worst conditions of urbanization did not reach the poorest municipalities necessarily.Insecurity affects more the Metropolitan fringes, on the outskirts of where the richness and the largest dispute by urban land, a process of unregulated occupation that continued operating in recent decades.", says Raquel Rolnik, Professor at the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da USP.


    Among the most important studies of CEM, a highlight is the map of social vulnerability, using census data and geoprocessing techniques for mapping poverty in São Paulo. Released in 2004, the Cartographic map had as basic source Census 2000 and produced a mosaic of the situation of each of the 13 thousand sectors of the city established by the IBGE, managing to capture specific situations of vulnerability in groups of 300 to 400 families in each sector aggregate censitário.


    "The map was important to show that the income is a limited variable to define poverty," says Marta Arretche. "It was clear that access to services and public facilities, among several factors, can lead to situations of vulnerability very different two families who have the same income," he says. 


    Another relevant study was coordinated by Algerina Figueiredo,  politician scientist, the first Director of the CEM. Surveys were held in São Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro with 40 samples of the poorest people. "They showed that the poor have universal access to health care and education, regardless of their income. Access to services is not related to clientelísticos criteria, "says Marta Arretche.


    More details , if you need, in:










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