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The Take It Down Department

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Dear Eric In UK there s been a government appointed body headed for the last couple of years by Mike Bichard focused on taking down central government
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2010
      Re: [carfree_cities] The Take It Down Department

      Dear Eric

      In UK there’s been a government appointed body headed for the last couple of years by Mike Bichard focused on ‘taking down’ central government regulatory controls on local government, called ‘reducing the burden’.

      Best wishes


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      On 29/3/10 19:13, "Eric Britton" <eric.britton@...> wrote:


       Robert Moskowitz, who follows matters of transportation and public policy
      with interest from Los Angeles, and who periodically shares with World
      Streets information, clues and comments on matters of old and new mobility,
      poses the following for our consideration this morning:

      "I've noticed there's a whole infrastructure in our cities in charge of
      putting up stop signs, traffic lights, and the like, but no infrastructure
      in charge of taking them down when they've outlived their usefulness. If I
      were a traffic scientist, I would have studied and published on these
      topics. But I had no standing and no time to have more than opinions."

      Reflecting on Robert's suggestion, it seems obvious that there is no
      possibility that any city or nation, or person for that matter, can have
      even a chance of moving seriously toward sustainability, without
      specifically reversing a lot of past decisions, investments, and physical
      facts of everyday life.

      So if that is true -- it is, isn't it? - it is something that presidents,
      governors, mayors and anyone else in the political establishment should be
      aware of and ready to engage. Anywhere on this planet.

      Nest step: World Streets would very much like to do one or more articles on
      anything that resembles a Take It Down Department that you might be able to
      point us to. It would be a great contribution.

      The Editor

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