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Mobility and Health: case study videos

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      Sent: Monday, 30 November, 2009 23:32
      To: Gatnet - Gender and Transport Community of Practice

      Dear colleagues:

      The IFRTD Networked Research Programme on Mobility and Health
      gathered important evidence about the 'mismatches' of the transport
      and health sectors in bringing health services to the poor. There
      were 24 case studies, seven of them from Latin America.

      This year we went back to the Cenepa -one of the Peru case studies.
      Three days travel from Lima by plane, road and river -one way- to
      capture the Awajun faces and voices in videos and share their
      mobility and health problems with the world. We hope that those who
      take decisions and make policies listen to them and do what is within
      their hands to change the lives of the Awajun and Wampis indigenous
      population for the better. We invite you to visit:


      If you are a member of Facebook, we invite you to become a fan of:

      There is also some information on IFRTD web site at:


      Please visit these sites, make comments and share the links with
      friends and colleagues that you think could make a difference to the
      of our indigenous brothers and sisters Awajun and Wampis.

      Best regards,

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