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[@ccess] Jeff Softley says it's high time to put the planet on an energy diet

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  • Mark Graffis
    ENN News Sunday, March 19, 2000 Let the (hot) air out of Earth Day, group urges By Margot Higgins Instead of buying into the hype and hoopla of Earth Day on
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      ENN News
      Sunday, March 19, 2000

      Let the (hot) air out of Earth Day, group urges

      By Margot Higgins

      Instead of buying into the hype and hoopla of Earth Day on April 22,
      he wants the world to plug into the Earth Day Energy Fast.

      Fed up with the commercialization of Earth Day, Softley founded his
      global fast in 1991.

      "I realized in the late '80s that Earth Day was no longer an
      instrument for social or policy changes to protect nature," Softley
      said. " It is time for those who care about nature to reclaim Earth
      Day. The Earth Day Energy Fast makes the event much more meaningful
      terms of personal actions and policy implications."

      There are clear connections between energy use and environmental
      destruction. Many environmentalists say energy consumption is second
      only to population growth on the list of environmental concerns.
      Softley points to the fact that human energy use is responsible for
      percent of all air pollution and 88 percent of all greenhouse gas
      emissions. The United States wastes more energy than most nations use
      for all of their energy needs, he adds.

      Despite a growing need for renewable energy sources such as wind,
      solar and geothermal power, fossil fuels continue to power cars,
      and industries because they are cheap, plentiful and readily

      Participation in the Earth Day Energy Fast is simple. Softley wants
      consumers to break the chain of environmental destruction by
      carpooling to work, using natural light and heat, preparing food
      without appliances and trading television time for a walk outdoors.

      For a successful fast, Softley recommends some solid planning.
      Preparing meals and learning public transportation routes ahead of
      Earth Day will show people that saving energy doesn't have to be an
      enormous sacrifice, he says.

      The [24]Earth Day Energy Fast web site offers many tips and links to
      save energy.

      "... Saving energy isn't as difficult as (people) think it is,"
      Softley said. "When you go without energy, you are forced to look at
      nature without all of the distractions in our modern lives."

      The Earth Day Energy Fast is endorsed by several leading
      environmentalists, including David Brower, founder of the Sierra
      and Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes, founders of Earth Day.

      Copyright 2000, Environmental News Network
      All Rights Reserved

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      organizers recommend heading to [28]The Alliance to Save Energy
      and [29]Energy Quest.
      [30]The Earth Day Network is the nonprofit coordinating body of
      worldwide Earth Day activities.

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