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Re: [NewMobilityCafe] Public space dividend = the key benefit of shared-space

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  • Zvi Leve
    I am in London at the moment and have been taking lots of pictures of shared
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      I am in London at the moment and have been taking lots of pictures of shared spaces here. Feel free to share any of them if you wish.

      While attending my conference, I met a few people from the SURFACE Inclusive Design Research Centre at the University of Salford. They are working on better understanding exactly such topics and how to apply them elsewhere. The women I met were from Malaysia and Colombia.



      2009/6/10 Paul Barter <peebeebarter@...>

      A few thoughts on shared space innovations, speed in streets, street design and public space:

      Most excitement about shared space (or “naked streets”) seems to focus on the counter-intuitive phenomenon of “safety through uncertainty”. It is certainly intriguing.

      But I think another important lesson from shared space has been neglected. A key benefit of shared space is that it expands the urban public realm with little or no loss of transport utility. This point was emphasized by shared-space pioneer, Hans Monderman, but it seems to be often forgotten.

      Furthermore, various other street innovations that create slow spaces can also offer us a public space dividend. These include multi-way boulevards (if well designed, as highlighted in 'The Boulevard Book') and various kinds of traffic calming, etc.

      For more on this argument see http://reinventingtransport.blogspot.com/2009/06/slow-spaces-for-public-space-dividend.html.

      Paul Barter

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