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[World Streets] World Street Weekly Digest - 22-29 May 2009

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  • The Editor
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      Articles & Comments appearing in week of 22-29 May 2009

      All entries directly clickable to full article. For previous weeks and months, click to Archives, library and reading room

      1. Plan B: The New Mobility Agenda (Start here)
      2. Op-Ed: The choice challenge (Try nudging)
      3. Brainfood: Canned video interviews via Skype
      4. Honk! Swine flu increases traffic fatalities in Mexico City
      5. Back from Seoul: Denis Baupin on Cities against Climate Change
      6. Honk! Veronica Moss, lobbyist
      7. Virtuous cycles: It’s all about choice
      8. Honk! Help April (help us)
      9. Who reads World Streets? And where?

      Op-Ed: The choice challenge (Try nudging)

      By The Editor

      ‘Nudging’ travel behaviour change through the design of information systems… - Erel Avineri, University of the West of England Today’s travellers have a wealth of information at their disposal to help plan and execute their journeys. The availability of travel information to the public has changed dramatically in recent years with the increasing use of the internet and mobile communications.

      Brainfood: Canned video interviews via Skype

      If you have a minute you may want to have a quick look at this. You may find some use in it. A few weeks ago some friends from The Movement Design Bureau in London (Eyes on the Street), called over to suggest that we might spend a few minutes together to demo a Skype video link they are working with in a program they call Re*Move (forgive them, they're English). To give our video some content

      Honk! Swine flu increases traffic fatalities in Mexico City

      This is a very short note, but I thought folks on the World Streets blog might appreciate this traffic factoid from here in Mexico. Apparently the swine flu in Mexico City caused few real deaths but many traffic deaths. The large drop in the volume of cars increased velocities and also increased traffic fatalities. There were 12 traffic fatalities in the 6 days before the government issued their

      Back from Seoul: Denis Baupin on Cities against Climate Change

      We try very hard in World Streets to stick to our topic, which is already broad enough. But from time to time we reach out to give attention to the basic underpinnings of public policy which shape the basic environment of our sector and our ability to do something about it. In this spirit, we are pleased to present here a recent "reflection" made by Denis Baupin, Deputy Mayor of Paris

      Honk! Veronica Moss, lobbyist

      From our ever busy friends over at StreetFilms, two and a half minutes with Miss Veronica Moss, convinced SUV-ist, unbending defender of her right to the road, and apparently lobbyist in the corridors of power in Washington DC. Try it with your morning tea break. (Only in America, right? Oh? ) * Click here to listen to Miss Moss make her

      Virtuous cycles: It’s all about choice

      - Gordon Price, PriceTags, Vancouver, Canada It has taken a century of building almost exclusively for the car to get us to our current dilemma. It will take some time to achieve long-term solutions. Ultimately, they can only be found in the way we build our cities. We will have to establish virtuous cycles to offset the vicious ones, where success leads to more success. There is no single

      Honk! Help April (help us)

      Dear Photographers, Artists and Eyes on the Street colleagues worldwide, Our friend April Streeter, an environmental journalist, mother of two young cyclists, and Eyes on the Street Sentinel from Gothenburg Sweden is in the process of preparing a book which is focusing on urban women cyclists in all the very different corners of our often hard-to-cycle-in world.-

      Who reads World Streets? And where?

      In the last week close to two thousand thoughtful people from 140 cities and 36 countries of this suddenly quite small planet dropped in to pick up their free copy of the latest edition of World Streets. Looks like you are one of them. You and others joined us from cities in . . . . Australia. Belgium. Brazil. Canada. Colombia. Croatia. Czech Republic. Denmark. France. Germany.

      Green Light on World Streets: Next Steps

      World Streets: Insights and discussion points from leading thinkers and practitioners around the world. World Streets, the world's first independent sustainable transportation daily, is about to complete its first trimester of activity, so we thought this would be a good time to address one of the important building blocks of this effort, notably the potential for collaboration and exchange among


      Most of this I fully agree with. If people are to ...

      from World Streets Comments by Ian Perry (Cardiff, UK)

      Most of this I fully agree with If people are to take taxis when it is raining, these taxis and their drivers will be unemployed when it is not raining. Can these taxis and their drivers find alternative employment depending on the weather? If you are to meet peak demand for taxis and car share, then you have to have the capacity, which is, then unemployed when demand is low, but still

      I'm working in India as a transport and sustainability ...

      from World Streets Comments by Simon Bishop

      I'm working in India as a transport and sustainability consultant. I shifted independently with my family from a job as a planner in London Whilst Gandhi can seem a long way from where middle class India is headed right now and he is often not remembered for some of the most far-sighted views that he held, there is one ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL ADDITION to your list of 12 strategic goals

      From: Gail Jennings [mailto:gail@mobilitymagazine....

      from World Streets Comments by Gail Jennings

      From: Gail Jennings [mailto:gail@...] Hi Eric Just wanted to let you know that New Mobility and World Streets are SUCH excellent resources - there is nowhere better (that I've found, anyway!) to find out what's up and what's not, to get an overview of right-now mobility issues. Even on a Sunday afternoon, the sites are worth visiting!

      David Levinger said... Actually, when I read ...

      from World Streets Comments by David Levinger

      David Levinger said.. Actually, when I read this article, I felt (A) that the commenters appeared not to have understood that the German town is not actually *car-free*, but that residents who own cars simply have to park at the edges of the town (B) perplexed at their choice to feature a commenter who stated that there are only six U.S. cities in

      Posted By The Editor to World Streets at 6/01/2009 05:20:00 AM
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