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Charter for Bicycle Friendly Communities

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      Dear Giselle,

      We have two friends cycling around the world and their project is called
      www.360ways.org. They are now in Italy and they are setting an example
      how the Charter for Bicycle Friendly Communities and the Velo.Info
      Benchmarking Tool could work. Peter and Christopher are now in Udine Northern Italy and they have success. Within their 2 years journey they will also visit
      South America.

      Please read the attached article. Udine has signed the 'Charter for
      Bicycle Friendly Communities' this week; next Udine will use the Velo.Info
      Benchmarking Tool (http://www.goudappelcoffeng.nl/Velo/InfoIndex.php) to
      find out what status they will get (bronze, silver, gold or platinum)
      and where they could improve.

      These results will be published on the interactive map of the world that
      you will find on their website. Also Velo.Info's results in Europe and the
      USA will be highlighted on the map. Doing so will give us an overview of the
      status of bicycle friendliness all over the world. Could I ask you to please have a look at their website and at the Velo.Info Benchmarking Tool?

      The way we would like to work with you is introducing The Charter and
      Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities together with Velo.Info's
      Benchmarking tool in South America. We need to establish some mechanism for follow up as soon as Velo.Info can report to you that a South American
      city/village/community has filled in the questionnaire; they then can be
      awarded their bronze, silver, gold or platinum status.
      This would be done by the representative of Velo Mondial / Velo.Info in
      South America, together with consultants (local and international) who
      can advise them how to improve. I-ce could be one of the international firms
      competing for the job with other registered Velo.Info consultancy firms.

      Dott. Massimo Plaino (International Relations Office of the University
      of Udine) has offered to organize a support group for Velo Mondial /
      Velo.Info in Northern Italy; they will translate the Velo.Info Benchmarking Tool
      in Italian, invite other cities to join and be focal group for other
      countries in the area.
      Maybe you could think on how you would want to involve a yourself and
      others in South America, like dott. Massimo Plaino does in Northern Italy.

      Thanks and greetings,

      Pascal J.W. van den Noort
      Executive Director Operations Velo Mondial
      Executive Board Velo.Info
      +31 (20)6270 675
      +31 (0) 6270 556 88
      www.velomondial.net <http://www.velomondial.net/>
      www.velo.info <http://www.velo.info/>
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