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France innovations - Smart Card: RFID Card with USB Connectivity - SNCF test

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  • eric britton
    Thanks to Dave Brook for the heads-up Weneo ID Smart Card: RFID
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2008
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      Thanks to Dave Brook for the heads-up

      Weneo ID Smart Card: RFID Card with USB Connectivity

      Filed in archive Contactless Payment Systems by gautam on September 05, 2008


      If you feel lazy enough to recharge your smart cards at the station then here is something which will support your habit. SNCF, a French public transport company is deploying RFID smart cards and you all must be wondering what's new about it. Its not an ordinary RFID smart card rather its a smart card with USB connectivity.

      So in case you are at your home or office all you need to do is plug these cards in your laptop or desktop and you will be automatically connected to the website of SNCF where you will be able to load your card without having to move an inch from your seats.

      Weneo ID Smart, the system in use will also be tested at four more regions in France. The Weneo ID card will be storing personal information of the cardholder apart from travel details and balance available. It will even hold your personal photograph to prevent any form of misuse of the card. Also the RFID card is compact enough to stay in your wallet, purse or pocket.

      Weneo ID Smart is expected to take convenience to the next level as you will not have to stand in queues and waste your precious time in getting your card reloaded.

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