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Re: Eating transportation

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  • Gladwyn d'Souza
    The first Air District Board was formed in CA 50 years ago when the Valley of Hearts (now called Silicon Valley) went to Sacramento to complain about air
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 13, 2008
      The first Air District Board was formed in CA 50 years ago when the
      Valley of Hearts (now called Silicon Valley) went to Sacramento to
      complain about air pollution stunting the growth of flowers and fruit.

      This years rice crop was delayed because of the smoke from our early
      season. Fires were worsened because "loss of life" from people living
      in wilderness, is a priority for fire departments to react to, rather
      than large tracts of burning forests. Recently instead of addressing
      he pollution from large roads the legislature passed a ban on school
      construction within 500' of a major road because the damage to
      children's lungs is permanent. Prior schools, built within this zone,
      were thus grandfathered into stunted lungs.

      Congestion Fees need to also address the full costs of roads in food
      shed disruption and agricultural land loss. For example Half Moon Bay
      is over the hill 25 km away from the center of San Mateo between San
      Francisco and San Jose. But no fish is sold in the region from HMB
      because the distributors will not allow restaurants or grocery stores
      to choose 'locally caught' or 'sustainable'. Shelves are filled with
      "customer choice" of Alaskan Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Vietnamese
      shrimp, Chinese tilapia etc. Water access, farmworker housing, and
      traffic fatalities are large issues in the ag communities. The recent
      ag fight in India over Tata Motors Nano factory seems to say these
      issues are not unique to CA.


      --- In NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Britton"
      <eric.britton@...> wrote:
      > Normally I try very hard to keep these posts within the fairly strictly
      > defined domain of each of our twenty or so fora (The Commons,
      > bike sharing, LotsLessCars, value capture, the Journal, etc.). Which
      > suggest that this one which has come to us with the kind help of Lee
      > Schipper, would normally end up in the World Transport Policy and
      > group. But in this case, since it is so very central to the total
      > of our besieged sector which has to get underway is we are to have a
      > to save our collective future from the worst, here it is as food for
      > here as well.
      > Now I understand that most of us do not love to read long pieces on
      > screens and this one, which spins out over ten full pages, is
      > worthy of the close attention of anyone here who wants to be part of the
      > solution. Or at the very least have a feel for the sort and level of
      > housecleaning that is now called for. So put on your specs and start to
      > read. You'll have kind thoughts about my taking your time with this.
      > Eric Britton
      > Lee Schipper wrote
      > http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/12/magazine/12policy-t.html?pagewanted=1
      > =magazine> &ref=magazine
      > The Food Issue of the NY Times. I pasted in only the first screen,
      as it is
      > too long to clog cyber space.
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