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Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) News Digest 11 April 2008

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  • Eric Britton
    Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) News Digest Vol. 5 Issue 6 11 April 2008 SUMA News Digest is a free weekly e-mail publication that features news,
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      Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) News Digest

      Vol. 5 Issue 6

      11 April 2008

      SUMA News Digest is a free weekly e-mail publication that features
      information, and events related to sustainable urban transportation in

      *** VISIT THE SUMA PAGES: http://www.cleanairnet.org/suma ***

      SUMA Partners on the Move!

      UNCRD: Meeting report of the 3rd Regional Environmentally Sustainable
      Transport (EST) Forum
      in Asia 17-19 March 2008 held in Singapore is now available!

      CAI-Asia Center: Center signs agreement with the Department of
      Transportation and Communications
      in the Philippines in support of the UNCRD EST technical assistance
      for the Philippines.
      18 March 2008

      * * * * *


      BEIJING, CHINA: China's SUV Culture: Flaunting Fat Wallets While
      Choking on Dirty Air
      21 March 2008

      According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, more
      than 370,000 of
      the vehicles were sold in China last year, a 58 percent increase over
      2006. The bulk
      of the sales concentrated on mid- and high-end models, which are
      expected to dominate
      the market in 2008.

      BEIJING, CHINA: China launched bigger transport ministry managing
      road, water and air
      11 March 2008

      A government reshuffle plan announced by State Councilor Hua Jianmin
      to a parliament
      session said the new department under the State Council, or the
      cabinet, will
      incorporate the current Ministry of Communications, the Civil Aviation
      of China and the section of urban traffic management under the
      Ministry of Construction.

      DELHI, INDIA: Delhi to have an 'intelligent' traffic system by 2010
      9 March 2008

      The capital's traffic system is in for a major overhaul before the
      Commonwealth Games
      in 2010, with Delhi Police planning to put in place an IT-driven
      Intelligent Traffic
      System (ITS) which will monitor and streamline vehicular movement.

      More air quality and sustainable mobility news at

      * * * * *


      Cycling in the Netherlands (2007)

      This publication prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works
      and Water
      Management was based on the frequent requests for information from
      politicians and NGO's from all over the world. This comprehensive
      brochure about
      cycling in the Netherlands gives an actual overview on the results and
      of relevant studies and experiences.

      The Costs and Benefits of Road Pricing:
      Comparing Nationwide Charging with Project-Based Schemes (2007)

      This Institute of Economic Affairs (UK) paper critically examines the
      case for
      road pricing and discusses the optimal scale of charging systems. The
      costs and
      benefits of nationwide and project-based schemes are compared using
      evidence from
      case studies and economic modelling.

      Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change

      This report by the Urban Land Institute in the U.S. discuss how key
      changes in land
      development patterns could help reduce vehicle greenhouse gas
      emissions. Based on a
      comprehensive review of dozens of studies by leading urban planning
      the book concludes that urban development is both a key contributor to
      climate change
      and an essential factor in combating it.

      * * * * *
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