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New Mobility N/S City Partners Program

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  • eric.britton
    Dear Friends and Colleagues, In case you missed it, today we are officially launching a massive outreach program in an attempt to get support for the work
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2007

      Dear Friends and Colleagues, 


      In case you missed it, today we are officially launching a massive outreach program in an attempt to get support for the work being carried out in the Reinventing Transport in Cities series, and in particular  our first New Mobility Policy Brief, this one a mayor’s guide to City Bike Strategies. You can see all about it if you click to http://www.velib.newmobility.org


      But the reason that I am writing you on this today, has to do with the decision to create a kind of informal “New Mobility N/S City Partners Program”, whereby in-coming sponsors will be invited to give us the name of a public interest group or someone working on these issues in the developing countries – so that we can then supply a free copy of the reports in this series to them as well at no cost. As you can well imagine, we need to be able to obtain the financial support from those cities and agencies who can afford it - but at the same time we would be remiss in our historical self-chosen function to help as best we can the move to better and more sustainable transport in the cities of the developing world.


      And here is perhaps where you may come in.


      It would be appreciated if you might supply us with the names and contact information for groups working on these common challenges in the developing countries who could make good use of these reports. (You might bear in mind that while this first one is on city bikes, you will shortly be hearing from us on city strategies to get the most out of BRT, unified fare cards, car control strategies, carsharing and green driving. It is likely that these last may be more immediately pertinent to developing world cities, but all this in good time.)


      Of course when it comes to the mega cities and the concerned government agencies themselves, I think (but perhaps you can counsel me on this) that the idea of free copies is not going to do much good. We need to get their full attention, and one way of getting it is to have them reach into their wallets and find the money to pay for these services (exactly as they do when they want to build new roads and bridges, though to be sure on a somewhat more modest scale). What we do intend to offer however will be a substantial (50%) discount to cities and agencies which are recommended by the independent individuals and public interest groups working on these challenges in their city. An example: if any of our colleagues approach the concerned agencies in say Pune or perhaps our city, well they will be able to offer to make the report available to the concerned city or national agency at a discount of say 50%. In this way, the city/agency saves themselves a pile of money, and at the same time understand that the reason they are getting this break is because some of their own citizen groups working on these matters have made the discount possible. One more small move to tightening the partnerships that are the soul of sustainable cities and their mobility systems.


      I will be grateful to have your thoughts on this. Perhaps it will be a saving of time and trouble for the others if you contact me directly, but maybe too what you have to say or propose will be useful to the group as a whole. Your call.


      With all good wishes,


      Eric Britton


      Reinventing Transportation in Cities - at http://www.invent.newmobility.org/

      The Greening of Transport in Parishttp://www.paris.newmobility.org/

      City Bike Strategies – Policy Briefhttp://www.citybike.newmobility.org/ 


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