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RE: [NewMobilityCafe] New report on transport and climate change

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  • Ian Wingrove
    Simon Can you send me the original DEFRA reference to the 8.5% increase in CO2 from cars. It would be very handy to have right now. We had ken livingstone
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 13, 2007
      Can you send me the original DEFRA reference to the 8.5% increase in CO2 from cars. It would be very handy to have right now. We had ken livingstone claiming yesterday that it was okay for him to press ahead with building a new road bridge (4 lanes of cars/lorries, 2 lanes for buses) as by the time it was built we would have started to drive low or zero emission vehicles - the long established rallying cry of the techno fix brigade. Never mind the inspectors report from the public inquiry rejecting the Thames Gateway Bridge as bad for climate change, bad for air quality and bad for casualty reduction.
      And he even said he "regrets going through the fiasco of public inquiries".
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      Subject: [NewMobilityCafe] New report on transport and climate change

      Nothing particularly surprising in this report, although it's pleasing
      to see personal carbon allowances mentioned and explored in more
      detail in one of the daughter documents. A few points are rather
      alarming e.g. the claim that emissions of CO2 from cars have remained
      stable in recent years is somewhat different to the 8.5% increase
      figure I have repeatedly quoted from DEFRA statistics.

      The headline figure for cars is that (an additional?) 15 million
      tonnes of CO2 could be saved per year by 2020 (p. 84). My quick
      calculation makes this 21% of the 70 MtCO2 emitted by cars in the UK
      in 2005. Sounds impressive, but this is based on 'soft measures' and
      a statutory 100 g CO2/km fuel intensity standard. I'm not convinced
      the Government has the courage to 'lock in' the benefits of these
      measures (if they happen) through fuel pricing and/or road pricing and
      a fundamental reallocation of space from the motor car to more benign
      modes. The latter isn't even mentioned in the report, whilst uncited
      research by Jillian Anable concluded that 'die hard drivers' are
      unresponsive to information and marketing strategies.

      How are we going to achieve CO2 emissions cuts of 60-90% by 2050? Is
      there a better alternative to personal carbon rationing?


      ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ***
      The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT), the Government's key
      transport advisor, has today published its report on climate change.
      The Commission recommends a range of practical, cost-effective
      measures to reduce transport's impact on the environment. The
      combined effect of CfIT's recommendations would be to reduce carbon
      emissions from UK transport by 2020 by 71% over current plans.

      CfIT's press release can be found at:

      http://www.cfit. gov.uk/pn/ 070912/index. htm

      and the report at:

      http://www.cfit. gov.uk/docs/ 2007/climatechan ge/index. htm

      GLA approved disclaimer


      The information in this email may contain confidential or privileged materials. Please read the full email notice at  http://www.london.gov.uk/email-notice.jsp
    • Benoit AUGARDE
      The national e-ticketing system in Netherlands����� Dear Madame, Dear Sir, The Netherlands is the first country to implement an e-ticketing system on a
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 13, 2007

        "The national e-ticketing system in Netherlands


        Dear Madame, Dear Sir,


        The Netherlands is the first country to implement an e-ticketing system on a national scale in an overall context of complex fare structures. There are 17 Public Transport Operators in the Netherlands. After a long process that lasted more than 15 years, the five largest have decided to get together to build a nation-wide e-ticketing system and have formed a joint venture for that purpose : Trans Link System (TLS).


        ITS France invite you to a study trip 18-19 of October 2007 organised in collaboration with THALES and TLS.  To open the presentation principal actors involved in this project will provide an overview, they will then report on technical aspects, as well as marketing policies and fare structures for the deployment and the implementation of this system


        You will find attached to this invitation the preliminary program and the registration form.
        (PreliminaryProgram-AMSTERDAM.pdf, RegistrationForm-AMSTERDAM.pdf).


        ITS France organise all meetings and on site visits, transfers during the two days and meals. All information about hostels and travels schedules would be given later. Please note that hotel fees and the flight are not included.

        If you are interested in this event, kindly return the registration form before the 12th of October 2007, by fax : +33 145 240 994 or by email : atec-its@....


        For further information on this event, feel free to contact us.


        Best Regards,


        Benoit AUGARDE

        Responsable du Développement


        ATEC-ITS France

        51 bis, avenue de Versailles

        75016 - Paris



        Tel : +33(0)1 45 24 71 03

        Fax : +33 0)1 45 24 09 94


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