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European Mobility Week. - 2007

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    ... From: Valérie Benard [mailto: Valerie.Benard@eurocities.eu] -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2007
      In Town Without My Car! UK

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      From: Valérie Benard [mailto:Valerie.Benard@ eurocities. eu]
      - http://www.mobility week.eu/IMG/ pdf_best_ practice_ en.pdf

      Dear All,

      Please find attached a press release to announce the sixth edition of the
      European Mobility Week. This press release will be disseminated to all press
      contacts of the three networks composing the EMW coordination and we would
      highly appreciate if you could disseminate it as well amongst the
      national/local press of your respective countries and amongst your

      We remain at your disposal if you have any questions. Thanks for your
      support !!

      With kind regards,
      Valérie Bénard
      Senior Project Officer - Mobility
      Square de Meeûs, 1
      T: +32 2 552 08 66
      F: +32 2 552 08 89
      Email: valerie.benard@ eurocities. eu

      EUROCITIES has moved! Please note our new contact details:
      Postal address: 1 Square de Meeûs, 1000
      Brussels, Belgium
      Email format: Valerie.Benard@ eurocities. eu
      Website: www.eurocities. eu
      Telephone and fax information will remain unchanged.


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