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"Kids on the move", UK

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  • Eric Britton
    Kids on the move A new publication by DG Environment on child mobility A handbook for local authorities and schools Children are often more vulnerable to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2002
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      "Kids on the move"

      A new publication by DG Environment on child mobility

      A handbook for local authorities and schools

      Children are often more vulnerable to the negative effects of a
      environment than adults are, especially in urban areas. However, they
      are not just young innocent victims. They also represent a largely
      untapped potential resource for encouraging and influencing people to
      adopt more sustainable behaviour patterns. We, adults, should take our
      responsibility to involve them in the planning and decision-making
      processes more seriously, so that they have a chance to influence the
      present and shape the future.

      As announced by Margot Wallström, Commissioner for Environment, at the
      Velocity conference last autumn, DG Environment is happy to launch a
      New handbook entitled "Kids on the move".

      As the manual "Cycling, the way ahead for towns and cities" did for
      urban cycling "Kids on the move" seeks to highlight how important
      requirements and options are for promoting the social development,
      safety, health and well being of children.

      "Kids on the move" contains numerous practical suggestions, addresses
      and documentation references on how to address the issue of child
      mobility from the point of view of a parent, a school, a transport
      operator, a local authority and a child itself. It also includes short
      descriptions of some fifteen initiatives that have been taken at local,
      national or international level (assemblies for children and young
      people, safe routes to schools, walking and cycling buses, public
      transport adoption campaign, bicycle for young female immigrants,
      bicycle parties such as the Italian Bimbimbici events, car free days,

      This new publication will be officially presented during Green Week
      15th April 2002) in Brussels. It will then be distributed both via the
      usual EU information channels and via networks or associations of local
      authorities, schools, parents, young people, etc. It will also be
      available in the coming months at events organised with the
      participation of the Commission.

      This new handbook should also prove helpful to those who want to take
      part in the "European Mobility Week" initiative
      www.mobilityweek-europe.org and in particular in those events taking
      place on September 20 - the day devoted to the theme "living streets and

      The manual can be downloaded at the following address:

      In reasonable numbers, further paper copies of this publication
      (ISBN: 92-894-1887-7) can be obtained from the following email
      address: env-pubs@...

      Comments, preferably by electronic mail, are welcome and should be
      Sent to Claude Bochu of the Environment Directorate-General.
      E-mail: Claude.Bochu@...
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