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[access-forum] online sustainable urban travel

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  • Eric Britton
    From: Hugh McClintock [mailto:Hugh.McClintock@nottingham.ac.uk] Sent: Monday, August 23, 1999 6:57 PM To: carsharing@ecoplan.org Subject: online sustainable
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      From: Hugh McClintock [mailto:Hugh.McClintock@...]
      Sent: Monday, August 23, 1999 6:57 PM
      To: carsharing@...
      Subject: online sustainable urban travel


      Comprehensive Sustainable Urban Travel bibliographies, with a particular
      emphasis on cycling and walking, all regularly updated, together with
      full list of relevant organisations, contact details and web sites, are
      now available in online at
      Then click on Planning Bibliographies and then 'Sustainable Urban

      This has been made possible as part of the EU Liberation/Hypermedia Project
      to promote the use of the Internet in Higher Education in which the George
      Green Library of the University of Nottingham is a partner along with the
      University Libraries of Graz and Freiburg.
      These sites form part of a wider range of Planning and Planning-related
      topics. Comments both on the structure of the lists and on individual items
      within it, including missing items, inaccurate classifications, etc. would
      be welcome.
      For more information on the EU Hypermedia/Liberation Project please
      contact the Project Officer, Carol Collins (Mondays-Wednesdays only) in
      the George Green Library, tel. (0115) 951 4590, email:
      Hugh McClintock,
      Institute of Urban Planning,. School of the Built Environment,
      University Park, Nottingham, (GB) NG7 2RD,
      tel. +44 115 951 4875, fax. +44 115 951 3159,
      email: Hugh.McClintock@...

      P.S.. Advice from Carol Collins and the technical support officer for the
      Liberation/Hyperwave project.:
      You need to check that the browser you are using is sufficiently powerful to
      cope with the hyperwave site. You need to have an equivalent of Netscape 3,
      which apparently means Explorer 4 or above. You need to have Java and
      JavaScript enabled on your machines as well, so this would be worth
      checking, but more likely an upgrade to Explorer 4 is the answer as Explorer
      3 is not sufficiently powerful. You should be able to upgrade by simply
      downloading the latest version. Do make use of the Search facility to
      assist your search as well as using the Detailed Topic Index.
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