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FInnovative project tackles transport's role in Social Exclusion

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      Subject: Innovative project tackles transport's role in Social Exclusion

      Dear colleagues

      You may be interested in a project I am currently involved

      I am working with a UK local authority (Stockport MBC,
      Greater Manchester) and a deprived community (Adswood &
      Bridgehall) to assist local residents in developing a
      transport plan for their neighbourhood. This plan will
      tackle what the community perceive as a range of
      transport problems including car crime, traffic causing
      unsafe streets for children and adults alike, poor access
      to fresh food, services and employment opportunites.

      A range of particpation techniques will be used. Confidence
      and involvement will also be developed through a series of
      small pilot projects that initially will build upon
      existing community-led intiatives (such as development of a
      Home Zone in the area and a community transport scheme).

      However, the main aim will be by mid 2001 to have enabled
      the community to have developed its own transport
      action plan which will then be implemented as part of the
      Government funded (SRB-funded) regeneration of the area.

      One of the significant features to date is that my
      involvement allows the community deal with one contact
      point (myself and my assistant Helen Pennington) who is
      able to act as their dedicated intermediary and
      who can co-ordinate action on behalf of that community
      alone, instead of them having to try and deal with the raft
      of agencies involved in delivering transport in the UK,
      even for such simple things as providing timtables at a bus

      If the model developed in this project is succeful then it
      is likely to be used in all deprived communities across
      Stcokport Council area and could be a useful model for
      other communities elsewhere.

      If you've got any further questions about this work please
      don't hesistate to contact me and hopefully soon you'll be
      able to ask the community direct through their own web

      Hope this is of interest, best regards

      Jeff Turner
      Research Fellow
      University of Manchester
      Adswood & Bridgehall Transport Plan Manager
      Stokport MBC

      E-mail: Jeff.Turner@...
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