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Pedestrian priority planning principles

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      Subject: Pedestrian priority planning principles

      John J Seaton (2000) "Pedestrian priority planning principles"

      I think the above paper should be digested by all of us interested in a
      theoretical and policy appreciation supporting transition of existing urban
      environments to car free ones.

      John Seaton is the Conference Organiser for "Australia: Walking the 21st
      Century - An International Walking Conference on 20-22 February 2001 in
      Perth, W.A. details from John Seaton, Australia: Walking the 21st Century,
      Metropolitan Division, department of Transport, PO Box 7272 Cloisters
      Square, Perth 6850, W.A., Australia +61 8 9313 8680 fax +61 8 9320 9497
      email (as above). His paper was in World Transport Policy & Practice Vol 6,
      No 2, 2000

      For anyone not familiar with World Transport Policy & Practice I recommend
      this as a regular and essential reference. The publisher can be emailed at
      ecologic@.... The journal is quarterly and is available free of
      charge as PDF files on the Internet at http://www.ecoplan.org/wtpp/

      World Transport Policy & Practice is edited by John Whitelegg, Professor of
      Environmental Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. On its editorial
      board among others is Eric Britton, Managing director, EcoPlan
      International, who is currently collecting details about the impact of and
      learning from "European Carfree Day - Sept 22 2000 on "Carfree-cities" among

      Simon Baddeley
      Inlogov, School of Public Policy
      University of Birmingham
      Birmingham B15 2TT
      0121 554 9794
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