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Busway Conference News - 17-20 October 2000

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    Smart Urban Transport Conference - Using Transitways and Busways 17-20 October 2000 - Brisbane Australia Latest Conference News ... We encourage you to
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      Smart Urban Transport Conference - Using Transitways and Busways
      17-20 October 2000 - Brisbane Australia

      Latest Conference News

      We encourage you to regularly visit the conference website for the latest


      NOW AVAILABLE: LATEST PROGRAM - Abstracts of Papers and Biographies of

      Check out the latest program on the conference website and follow the links
      to abstracts of papers and speakers bios. Details of some of the papers
      being presented are given below.

      SHORT COURSE: Economic Evaluation of Public Transport Infrastructure

      A one day short course by David Bray will be run on 17 October 2000 in
      conjunction with the conference. David Bray, principal of Economic and
      Policy Services Pty Ltd, has worked mostly in the transport and urban
      sectors in Australia, and has prepared economic evaluations for a wide
      range of public transport and road projects for Governments in Australia
      and international agencies such as the World Bank and Asian Development

      BUSWAY RESOURCES: Articles and web links
      Download a paper by the conference Keynote Speaker Prof David Hensher,
      University of Sydney - "A bus-based transitway or light rail? Continuing
      the saga on choice versus blind commitment".

      Also see the list of busway related website links. If you have others that
      should be added please let us know.

      BRISBANE'S BUSWAY: South East Busway Open Day.
      Brisbane residents had the opportunity to walk a 2.7km section of the South
      East Busway and its tunnels as part of a community Open Day on Sunday 25
      August 2000. See photos and the Ministers press release. Conference
      have an opportunity to take the Busway Tour in conjunction with the

      BRISBANE FESTIVAL: Events in Brisbane during the conference.

      Enjoy some of the Brisbane Festival events while you are at the conference.
      For more information - concerts, music, dance, theatre, exhibitions


      Some of the presentations at the conference:

      Busway developments in:
      - Auckland's North Shore Busway
      - Bus Priority Systems in Brazil
      - Western Sydney Transitway Network
      - Melbourne's Smart Bus
      - Perth's Transitways and Busways
      - Adelaide's O-Bahn and future plans
      - Bus Rapid Transit in North America and Hawaii
      - Busway Development in Thailand and Taiwan

      Technical papers on:
      - Clean buses
      - Bus Operators' perspective
      - Busway station planning and design
      - City and urban design
      - Co-location of busway and light rail
      - Geometric design of busways
      - Communications and control systems
      - ITS applications, including real-time passenger information and incident
      - Integrated ticketing

      A number of papers will cover institutional issues:
      - Public policy agendas and challenges
      - Accessible transport
      - Project management
      - Marketing and communication
      - Evaluation
      - Potential for private finance

      mailto:p.charles@... Tel:+617 3365 1569

      "Understanding tomorrow's transport challenges"
      Conferences, courses and information for transport professionals
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