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Carfree day curfew?

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    ... From: Derek Scrafton [mailto:derek.scrafton@unisa.edu.au] Sent: Wednesday, 13 September 2000 1:19 AM To: carfreeday@egroups.com Subject: RE:
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      From: Derek Scrafton [mailto:derek.scrafton@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, 13 September 2000 1:19 AM
      To: 'carfreeday@egroups.com'
      Subject: RE: [@carfreeday] Carfree day curfew?


      Great observation! You certainly got it right - the
      blockades in Europe demonstrate that attempting to
      argue that one can survive without a car is a
      serious business - it is not a gimmick or game.

      Sadly, many people, families, businesses and
      communities have built a lifestyle around the car and at
      times like this suddenly find themselves in a jam, or at
      best unable to pay the market price to sustain that

      I read recently of a family who lived in a rural setting
      in North Yorkshire (UK), worked in not so near urban
      areas (Teesside and York) and sent their children to school a similar
      distance from home! This family was irate at
      the oil producers and UK Government for jointly creating
      a cost crisis for them - regarding their idyllic home setting
      as something of a right, and unwilling to consider the cost
      trade-offs of their way of life. (I think the family was being
      used by the motoring organisations to support the
      protests to government.)

      The outcome of the present campaigns will be interesting;
      believe me, governments are terrified of the motoring
      lobby. Lip service to public transport, but the car exerts
      powerful influence.

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      > Sent: Wednesday, 13 September 2000 1:21
      > To: carfreeday@egroups.com
      > Subject: [@carfreeday] Carfree day curfew?
      > Listening to the news at this very moment, I think the developments in
      > England are quite "charming":
      > In protest against "too high" fuel prices, lorry drivers block oil
      > refineries or distribution centres.
      > This has led to gasbuying panic, and cities are running out of motor
      > vehicle
      > fuel.
      > If this situation can continue until the end of next week, it will be the
      > most "successful" carfree day so far.
      > Or did I get it all wrong?
      > # :-)
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