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Traffic in India video - "an amazing social pact is at work to avoid gridlock"

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  • Eric Britton
    There is a great deal of commentary on the India traffic video page, much of which the sad usual that one finds on the net. But some of what these mainly
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2006
      There is a great deal of commentary on the India traffic video page, much of
      which the sad usual that one finds on the net. But some of what these mainly
      Americans have to say is not without interest - not least since at the end
      of the day hey are usually talking about not India but themselles (our
      favorite subject). And I much like the one that offers the observation
      that: "an amazing social pact is at work to avoid gridlock"

      1. Looks like they have to me! They all know what they're doing
      2. India always have tons of wrecks everyday, but the people have
      learned to get around these kinds of things. In all honesty, this is nothing
      of any significance, you should see what it's like when theirs some serious
      3. Well, the average speed over there is 30Km/hr. That's
      http://www.google.com/search?q =30km/hr+in+mph So, though there are crashes,
      HUNDREDS of them, everyday, no one gets seriously hurt (most of the time)
      4. u should see Nicaragua
      5. Two words, Organized Chaos!
      6. it looks like everybody just getting in were they fit in seems like
      it just humans walking in a mall but only driving
      7. Yeah Vietnam was like this too. Organized chaos (and more mopeds
      8. That's like nothing for India, u should see the main streets in
      Mumbai Calcutta Delhi and Bangalore
      9. WOW just amazing-I noticed that it seemed like all younger people
      there. What happened to the old folk?? ha ha they probably stay home.
      Congested but still very organized. The air quality must be as bad there as
      it is in the united states-especially ca.
      10. its like a giant footpath... but it all flows so no gripes here
      11. Cool vid! believe me.. it's not that dangerous because accidents
      happen when you don't watch out.. and those guys keep their eyes wide open.
      12. I am full of admiration for the Indians. If a similar uncontrolled
      traffic situation occurred in Britain the scene would be of multiple pile
      ups, dead and injured everywhere with the survivors attempting further
      mayhem on each other.
      13. I'm sure the way North Americans drive must make people from other
      countries laugh as well...4-way stops? What the hell is THAT? How primitive
      when pretty much the rest of the world has moved on to roundabouts.
      14. hahaha, as a Chinese I see such behaviour in China very often. It's
      just a matter of lifestyle, in a country where you have about a 1 billion
      people this is the way of life. Simple as that
      15. Wow!!!!!!!!!! I drive like that!
      16. Almost all of 3rd world countries are like that..
      17. ppl stop trippin out, this is just one of the intersections without
      traffic lights. Indian roads do have traffic lights, especially in big
      cities everywhere. on top of that, Indian roads are chaotic, with cars and
      people, so you need to be very careful and alert and that is exactly what
      these people in the video demonstrated. you think its chaos, which it is,
      but to the residents its a pattern, they know exactly how to get out of this
      18. This video has generated a range of emotions among ppl. Some are
      surprised, excited, amazed, disgusted, terrified or just simply enlightened.
      In "developed" countries, when traffic lights fail, ppl panic, traffic gets
      logged for miles. However, look at these people, without a traffic light or
      a cop, they are able to manage the situation "just" fine.
      19. And when there are no traffic lights, people improvise the
      situation, alert and armed with years of experience, they go about their
      life honking and avoiding accidents. This video is stunning. Shows how
      skilled and alert these drivers and riders are. Not a single scratch in 3
      20. In S. America and Asia, traffic is much more of an art. It's not as
      regimented with defined lanes and such. As a result, traffic flows a lot
      faster. People maneuver their cars through crowded streets the same way
      pedestrians maneuver through crowded sidewalks. Getting "cut off" is the
      norm in these countries, and you weave and brake to avoid accidents, while
      in the US, people get shot over "getting cut off" and having to use their
      brakes. In the US people think if they are in a lane, they have proprietary
      ownership of that lane. Elsewhere, you have to share that lane, if someone
      encroaches into it.
      21. I think this is a safe way to drive. Concentrate on the front of
      your vehicle and don't swing your head around. American driving with no
      front concentration is way more dangerous.
      22. THAT is driving SKILL. they are my kind of drivers, awesome! seems
      like people there hafta be way more alert when driving, and thus less
      accidents. here in the U.S, you have people sleeping at the wheel, on their
      cell phones, and distracted.
      23. i feel when i watch these driving videos that an amazing social pact
      is at work to avoid gridlock. i can imagine a much simpler intersection in
      the heart of any American city... everyone tries to go at once, honking
      ensues, and gridlock would be inevitable.
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