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City of Bremen partnership awards

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    A forwarded message from the bremen initiative ************* Press release ************* Create the future. together: The bremen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2000
      A forwarded message from the bremen initiative

      Press release
      Create the future. together: The bremen partnership award -
      putting real flesh on the bones of the growing global commitment to
      Quality of life in cities is a concern for all of us. We need to set the
      course now - for a future that has already begun and needs to be shaped
      in a sustainable way.
      Many projects run by businesses and municipalities as partners are
      already facing this responsibility. The Bremen partnership award - to be
      conferred in April 2001- is designed to reward the partnership projects
      that are really working. Launched by bremen initiative - the global
      campaign for business and municipality partnerships led by the Free
      Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany with wide international support- it
      will focus on projects striving to make cities more liveable and better
      places in which to do business. bremen initiative is not only looking
      for project plans but above all for real projects that have already been
      implemented. And this is the worldwide uniqueness of the award: the
      celebration of partnerships between business and municipality offering
      tangible solutions for an urban quality of life which is favourable to
      economic activities and above all sustainable.
      When and where?
      Bremen initiative now invites the submission of best practices from all
      parts of the world which have been built on three key pillars: urbanity,
      challenge of sustainability, and partnership. Awards will be given in
      five categories: each one will include a grant to help enable the
      success story of the project to be continued or responsibility for
      future generations secured. The award ceremony will take place at the
      2nd International Conference on "business and municipality - new
      partnerships for the 21st century" to be held in Bremen on 4-7 April
      The award categories and selection criteria have been carefully
      developed on the basis of an extensive international expert survey. They
      span the whole range of sustainability issues such as: efficiency,
      protection of resources, global responsibility, social justice,
      diversity, citizens' participation, built and natural environment of
      urban settings, and more.
      Aply now
      All applications will be evaluated by partners of bremen initiative as
      well as urban experts in accordance with a fully transparent procedure.
      The shortlisted finalists in each category will then be presented to an
      international jury for final evaluation and decision.
      Applications, which must be jointly submitted by the business and
      municipality partners, should be forwarded online or digitally and in
      English only (via email, on a disk or CD-ROM). Closing date for
      applications is 15 January 2001. At bremen initiative's website
      http://www.bremen-initiative.de/award application forms are ready to be
      downloaded or filled in online.
      For further information please contact Jana Ludmann at the bremen
      partnership award office c/o ecolo, Tel +49(0)421 23 00 11 0, Fax
      +49(0)421 23 00 11 18 or send an email on award@....

      bremen initiative managing agency and bremen partnership award office
      c/o ecolo ecology and communication
      Leher Heerstr.102 D-28359 Bremen
      phone +49-421-230011-0 fax +49-421-230011-18
      info@bremen-initiative and award@...

      visit the global campaign of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany
      Die Sparkasse Bremen - Partner of bremen initiative
      visit http://www.sparkasse-bremen.de

      swb AG - Partner of bremen initiative
      visit http://www.swb-AG.de
      bremen partnership award: Be informed - click this link
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