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  • eric britton
    Oct 24, 2012
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      Your point is well taken Chris, and in addition to inadequate channeling of the various pots on my part (But I do try), the fact is that your wide range of interests has you signed in to a full handful of discussion group sites.  My problem, is that there are overlaps, and there are times when discussions of carsharing or some other field with its own forum really do need to be more broadly shared.


      Not to seem to be defending myself (my dog can take care of that), I might add that in my experience one of the most fatal weak points of transport policy and practice is that people tend to stay stuck in their area of expertise. Which leads, as we all know to . . .


      That said, I shall try to be more careful on this sorting from here on.



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      I agree with their two criticisms, and maybe they will agree with mine:

      Why three or four different places your posts appear, giving me a lot of extra copies in my mail box (WorldCarShare, mobility café, worldstreets, etc.)?  And you've been very frisky lately.  I now file them all under a new folder, "britton", where I try to sort out the duplicates.

      Chris Bradshaw



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