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4253Re: [NewMobilityCafe] Re: WorldTransport Forum "Old Mobility = mechanical solutions to biological problems. "

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  • Ian Perry
    Aug 1, 2010
      Hi Richard and all,

      On reading your blog: London is not yet the largest bike-sharing scheme.  Paris currently has 1,750 docking stations and 24,000 bikes, Bixi in Montreal has 400 docking stations and 5,000 bikes, and I believe that Wuhan in China has 816 stations and 20,000 bikes.

      London has 315 docking stations (will soon be 400) and 4700 bikes (soon to be 6000) - but some bikes have problems with their back brakes being stuck on - and others can't be pulled from the docking station at all.  Due to problems with the billing, all users on the launch day were refunded their money.

      Unlike Paris, London has invested in "super-highways" which bring people into the city from the surrounding districts, leaving those on the share bikes in central London little infrastructure, other than the normal roads.

      I'm also not convinced that relying on people having web access is the way forward.  I'm not there yet and I doubt my Mum ever will!

      A weakness of the "car system" is its ever increasing reliance on technology and ever shrinking support network.  Petrol/gas stations are closing every week and fewer local mechanics have the technology to repair ever more complicated engines.

      On my street there is an excess of many things.  Food, cars, lawnmowers, washing machines, etc.  After "Peak-Everything", individual ownership may/will have to pass to communities - and this need not require any technology. 

      For "New Mobility" to enter the mainstream, it will have to be simple for all people to use, using universally available, understood and used technology...  which may be a lack of technology.

      I have many solutions, but to impose them from above, I risk making the mistakes of the past.  I need to stimulate discussion,  inspire and allow the ideas to grow organically from the bottom, up.  Not easy.



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