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3073Mapping new mobility

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  • Zvi Leve [mailto:zvi.leve@gmail.com]
    Sep 30, 2008
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      From: Zvi Leve [mailto:zvi.leve@...]



      Thank you for the very interesting links. I recently discovered a new map of the Montreal metro system which provides an interactive interface with the "real" city network underneath. I was very impressed with this Google 'mash-up' and even suggested to them that they should consider adding additional information to this such as Communauto (car-sharing) and Bixi (bike sharing) stations to the map. 

      I have been thinking a lot lately about Bixi, the Montreal bike-sharing system which is in development. I have a question to anyone who has hands-on experience with these systems: I can imagine that there might be quite a lot of variation in the demand, not only between particular stations, but also in different time periods. For example, I expect that there could be rather large lunch-time rushes as suddenly peoples' range of possible eating options has been significantly enlarged. Which brings me to my question - what happens if one wants to return a bike at a particular station (say directly next to my favourite cafe), but there are no spaces left in the station?! Presumably the clock is still ticking until the bike is properly returned at a station, no? Is this a problem in Paris? If so, how are they dealing with it?



      ps. the video is very good!


      --- EB note on above clock-ticking question: (a) Yes, there are big variations, including at lunch time. (b) And yes, the clok ticks and you have ao find a station for your bike, otherwise you pay for the additional time and it ain’t cheap. But after a while you learn to work the system and most of these annoyances disappear in the face of your mastery. Also there is help via mobile web, as indicated earlier here.

      Paris mobizen - mapping carsharing in Paris

      Posted by: "Eric Britton" eric.britton@...   fekbritton

      Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:59 am (PDT)

      Following up on an update just in from mobizen: If you go to their site today -- http://mobizen.fr/?pg=eco -- you will see the map giving their
      present coverage of the Paris scene.

      And not to forget the other players here:

      · Caisse-commune – their station map is at http://www.caisse-commune.com/station.html -- and

      · Okigo. – their map: http://okigo.com/Le-reseau-Okigo.html

      The Paris city hall map (may be a bit out of date but still worth a visit) -

      Finally, have a look at the dynamic station map for Vélib, our shared bike project of course, to get a feel for the future; http://www.parisavelo.net/

      Eric Britton

      Carsharing: the last nail in the coffin of old mobility.

      PS. Have you checked out http://blip.tv/play/AcvUegA ? A bit of context from once again the Paris perspective.