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Re: [NewEnglandCampaigners] Next year

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  • tom rosser
    Rob, I ve done this deconfliction thing for our end of the hobby for the last ten years, and you ll notice I have very little hair remaining on this head of
    Message 1 of 26 , Oct 20, 2006
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      I've done this deconfliction thing for our end of the
      hobby for the last ten years, and you'll notice I
      have very little hair remaining on this head of mine.
      Let me pass along some skinned knees and scraped
      elbows type of advice.

      A few things to keep in mind is the scale of the event
      in terms of the local, regional, or national
      attraction, as well was the scale of other events in
      that timeframe. It helps to know your market, too. Do
      your guys think nothing of hopping in a car and
      hauling one way 15 hours to an event? Is "regional"
      simply a 100 mile trip? If 2006 is any indication,
      more and more of the road runners are looking for
      something closer to home.

      You asked for a date between May and mid-August. By
      now, you have probably created a simple document with
      dates, event names, and places. That is the biggest
      help I have next to a 3' x 4' At-A-Glance Wall
      Calendar. I don't keep up with NE events, so you need
      to do that yourself.

      I do feel the need to let you in on at least one event
      date that isn't widespread, and that is the 4-6 May
      Wilderness NPS LH which is the substitute for the
      previously announced, lettered, and sealed
      Spotsylvania NPS LH. Seems the park was surprised with
      the letting of a multi-year major road network
      reconstruction and parking lot expansion contract.
      Better to find that out now, than next March or April.

      The NPS offered us the Wilderness in 2007, a good shot
      at another Chancellorsville in 2008, and moved the
      Spotsylvania LH to 2009. These places have not been
      tramped to death by reenactors. If you are the lest
      bit interested in a living history that will cover a
      good deal of ground (if you were at the Antietam LH in
      2003 or 2nd Bull Run LH in 2006, then you know what I
      mean) shoot an email to Jeff Johannes at
      jjspanzer@... as he is the event coordinator.

      Looking ahead, 20-22 July 2007 is 2nd Kernstown. The
      25th Anniversary Mumford event is most likely that
      same weekend or the weekend before, but the museum
      real good about dates and information. The Slaughter
      Pen is 26-28 October, and I see it is being marketed
      as "After the Battle" on the various fora. Cross off
      a couple of weekends for Something in the Valley in
      June, a pair of Antietams, and not many free weekends
      appear. As a side note, Doug Oakes (LHG) is also
      looking for a calendar hole for the next one of his
      events, and that will most likely be August.
      Incidently, that event is slated to be located close
      to I-81 between Syracuse and Binghamton. If anyone is
      interested in the latter, email Doug Oakes at

      I don't know if this is much help, but I tried to hit
      the highlights knowing most of the folks up there
      aren't going to attend Vicksburg MS, Pilot Knob MO,
      Chickamauga GA, or similar events during that


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