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Re: [NewEnglandCampaigners] Re: 2006 Schedule Discussion

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  • Tom Craig
    Mark, Thanks as always for the input! I for one haven t pushed Mumford/Genesee for a couple of reasons 1) It directly conflicts with a national campaigner
    Message 1 of 40 , Jan 5, 2006
         Thanks as always for the input! 
      I for one haven't pushed Mumford/Genesee for a couple of reasons 1) It directly conflicts with a national campaigner event that a number of us will be going to 2) It isn't really a regional event. 
         It is certainly okay to try and recruit and encourage folks to go to events in other areas etc (like I did with W'64) but the thrust of our group effort is on local stuff.  There is a need/interest in stuff in our own "backyard" as they say.
      Take care,

      DeAngelis Family <mdeangelis1864@...> wrote:
      Hi All:
      For what it's worth, here are my thoughts - although this may be a repeat:
      Goshen sounds good to me.  Vermont would be great, but if it's September or October, I probably couldn't go because I'm on an academic schedule. Teachers may have the same problem - I don't know.
      I respect what Tom has said about Millis as long as we stay away from the mainstream battles, but, again, personally, I wouldn't be able to go on an early Sept. date. (so I suppose my two cents are moot here.)
      Mumford (Genesee Country Village) is far and away the best event that is not getting good consideration.  No, we will not have a bivouac oppty on Sat Night, but there are so many other aspects of the event that are unique.  Again, like Millis, the event is what you make of it with your own scenarios.
      Hoping everyone had a happy and safe New Year,
      Mark DeAngelis
      28th Mass, Co. K
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      From: Tom Craig
      Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 5:32 PM
      Subject: Re: [NewEnglandCampaigners] Re: 2006 Schedule Discussion

      Todd and Co.,
          I know you have expressed some reservations on Millis (I know whence your information came).  But do remember that just like Borderlands we will not have too much contact with the general event.  I won't try to sway you any further, but from my experience at Millis things were very well organized if nothing else.
        Take care,

      "Todd M. Bryda" <bryda@...> wrote:
      Happy New Year!
      I had responded to Tom's previous request, but like everybody
      else, I am sure that I wasn't ready to discuss this until after the
      New Year. I think that JVC and Vermont make perfect sense. As I
      stated before, I loved the Vermont event. From a campaign
      perspective, it was probably one of the best events I ever attended.
      As to the o! ther choices, I have always heard mixed things about
      Millis. It appears to be one of those events that you either love or
      hate.....much like Templeton.
      I have never understood the lack of warmth towards this event. I
      have always enjoyed it. Granted, the battles have often been way too
      main stream for me, but the land is very good. We have always camped
      in the woods, away from the hubub. It is also a great chance to get
      the rust out early in the season.
      I have to once again put a plug in for Genessee Country Village in
      Mumford NY in July. I have been going to this event for nearly 15
      years, and I have always had a great time. You garrison and fight
      through a period town (think of a more settled Sturbridge village).
      It is great opportunity to do first person,and the hosts have alwys
      been fantastic. I won't lie. There are tourists around, but when
      you are flanking the rebs at a run, you barely notice the tourists. :)
      I went! to Belchertown last year with the band to which I belong
      (Gallant Sons of Erin). I want to be honest and tell you that if it
      weren't for the band, I wouldn't have touched this event with a ten
      foot pole. It is a lovely town celebration of Old Tyme-ee life, but
      I wouldn't call it a reenactment for people looking for a campaigner
      experience. I apologize for my bluntness, but there are precious few
      weekends to give to the Gods of reenacting, and I would rather not go
      to an event that has no chance of giving you guys what you want.
      That is my two cents worth .......

      Todd Bryda
      Co. K, 28th Mass.

      --- In NewEnglandCampaigners@yahoogroups.com, Tom Craig
      craig@s...> wrote:
      > Mike and company,
      > Happy New Year to everyone!
      > Thanks for getting this started up again. My informal poll
      before Thanksgiving wasn't entirely conclusive but it provided a
      general direction for our 2006 schedule.
      > From conversation in the past it was general consensus that we
      should try to aim for 3 events each season for us to hit up as a
      group. Unless that has changed here is what I'm proposing:
      > Maximum effort
      > June 16-18th "Jackson's Valley Campaign" Goshen, CT
      > This event is held every other year -in place of Borderlands
      which is also every other year. The event is held on a good sized
      piece of property that offers opportunities for picket post/patrol/
      and some marching. Like with B-lands last year this event would
      enable us to camp near the main camp of Friday night, and then camp
      remotely on Saturday.
      > VT Tactical
      > There is no set date for this at this point-Rob could you chime
      in here? Folks who went last year had great things to say, and I am
      sure this year would be even better.
      > For a third event there is an open question.
      > Sept 15-17th Millis:! has been a strong contender and has always
      been a great time. Matt Burbank (who is on this list, and commander
      of the NEB) has informed me that the NEB won't be there this year,
      and has asked folks not to attend. I don't like to engage in
      politics so I won't make further comment here other than to say that
      I will go where folks have an interest in going
      > August 11-13th Ft Warren: There was some discussion about this
      event. It is entirely different from the typical "campaigner" event
      but it is an actual local Civil War site and has tons of potential
      for an event. If you missed the earlier discussion you can find the
      messages on the Yahoo group site.
      > There are some other possibilites like Templeton (consensus
      was against this one as a group) or Belchertown (I have not been able
      to find any info about this event site). And I am sure that there
      are some other suggestions.
      > I'd really like to hear wha! t folks have to say. Unless I hear
      otherwise I will begin work on the proposal for JVC and will get some
      ideas together for the tactical. I'd like as much input as possible
      so that what we do is a reflection of what folks want.
      > Take care,
      > Tom
      > Michael Jolin wrote:
      > Fellow New Englanders (and friends):
      > As we wind down 2005 and look to 2006, perhaps we should continue
      our discussion from November on an event schedule. I know that Tom
      asked for feedback from us and some of us gave him our thoughts (I'm
      not even sure if I did, frankly). It's probably a good time to start
      up the conversation again and look to setting up a tentative schedule
      so we can all plan accordingly. Let's continue the great stuff that
      this group started in '05.
      > Happy New Year!
      > Michael Jolin
      > Pawtucket, RI

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    • Tom Craig
      Guys, That email was obviously meant for Todd, not the list, but I goofed. I m truely sorry that I won t be able to make it, but I am sure that you ll all
      Message 40 of 40 , Sep 13, 2006

          That email was obviously meant for Todd, not the list, but I goofed.  I'm truely sorry that I won't be able to make it, but I am sure that you'll all have a great time.  I look forward to hearing how it goes, and to planning events for next year!
        Take care,
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