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2006 Schedule Discussion

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  • Tom Craig
    Mike and company, Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for getting this started up again. My informal poll before Thanksgiving wasn t entirely conclusive but it
    Message 1 of 40 , Jan 3, 2006
      Mike and company,
         Happy New Year to everyone! 
      Thanks for getting this started up again.  My informal poll before Thanksgiving wasn't entirely conclusive but it provided a general direction for our 2006 schedule.
         From conversation in the past it was general consensus that we should try to aim for 3 events each season for us to hit up as a group.  Unless that has changed here is what I'm proposing:
      Maximum effort
      June 16-18th "Jackson's Valley Campaign" Goshen, CT
           This event is held every other year -in place of Borderlands which is also every other year.  The event is held on a good sized piece of property that offers opportunities for picket post/patrol/ and some marching.  Like with B-lands last year this event would enable us to camp near the main camp of Friday night, and then camp remotely on Saturday. 
      VT Tactical
        There is no set date for this at this point-Rob could you chime in here?  Folks who went last year had great things to say, and I am sure this year would be even better.
         For a third event there is an open question. 
      Sept 15-17th Millis: has been a strong contender and has always been a great time.  Matt Burbank (who is on this list, and commander of the NEB) has informed me that the NEB won't be there this year, and has asked folks not to attend.  I don't like to engage in politics so I won't make further comment here other than to say that I will go where folks have an interest in going
      August 11-13th Ft Warren:  There was some discussion about this event.  It is entirely different from the typical "campaigner" event but it is an actual local Civil War site and has tons of potential for an event.  If you missed the earlier discussion you can find the messages on the Yahoo group site.
         There are some other possibilites like Templeton (consensus was against this one as a group) or Belchertown (I have not been able to find any info about this event site).  And I am sure that there are some other suggestions.
         I'd really like to hear what folks have to say.  Unless I hear otherwise I will begin work on the proposal for JVC and will get some ideas together for the tactical.  I'd like as much input as possible so that what we do is a reflection of what folks want.
         Take care,

      Michael Jolin <yankri@...> wrote:
      Fellow New Englanders (and friends):
      As we wind down 2005 and look to 2006, perhaps we should continue our discussion from November on an event schedule. I know that Tom asked for feedback from us and some of us gave him our thoughts (I'm not even sure if I did, frankly). It's probably a good time to start up the conversation again and look to setting up a tentative schedule so we can all plan accordingly. Let's continue the great stuff that this group started in '05.
      Happy New Year!
      Michael Jolin
      Pawtucket, RI

    • Tom Craig
      Guys, That email was obviously meant for Todd, not the list, but I goofed. I m truely sorry that I won t be able to make it, but I am sure that you ll all
      Message 40 of 40 , Sep 13, 2006

          That email was obviously meant for Todd, not the list, but I goofed.  I'm truely sorry that I won't be able to make it, but I am sure that you'll all have a great time.  I look forward to hearing how it goes, and to planning events for next year!
        Take care,
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