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434Re: [NewEnglandCampaigners] Re: Goshen/Jackson's Valley Campaign

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  • Tom Craig
    Mar 1 3:01 PM
         Thanks for the thoughts.  I was only responding to a request by Rob T for some assistance.  My concentration is on Fed efforts.  If I can help the CS folks I will certainly do so but they have to do their own organizing and coordinating. 
      Take care,

      "Todd M. Bryda" <bryda@...> wrote:
      I certainly appreciate everything that you are doing, but I really
      think that the rebs should step up to the plate too. Matt is an
      enthusiastic participant, and we will certainly work with him, but we
      never intended for this group to become a "shadow" New England
      Brigade. I would love to coordinate with them, but they need to at
      least register their own people. As a college professor of 15 years,
      I think that I have learned something about behavior. If you set
      higher standards, you get better work. If you make it too easy, you
      get shoddy work. Our brothers in gray are perfectly capable of doing
      exactly what we did: organize. If they need advice or help, we are
      there for them, but I do think that they need to decide if they want
      to join us on this campaign. I think that people like Matt are up to
      the task.

      Just my two cents.

      --- In NewEnglandCampaigners@yahoogroups.com, Tom Craig
      craig@...> wrote:
      > Guys,
      > I am more than happy to facilitate things on the CS side as
      much as I can. I can certainly manage registration if that is useful
      for you folks, just send the same amount to me at the same address
      that I listed.
      > I must say here for the record that Matt Reardon had posted a
      message about coordinating a CS effort at Goshen. As I mentioned in
      my earlier message, not knowing much about CS units etc I have opted
      to stay out of organizing that effort but I will be more than happy
      to coordinate with whoever ends up herding the cats over there.
      > Take care,
      > Tom Craig
      > "Cpl.R.C.Tarbox" wrote:
      > Tom,
      > Bully for you taking this on! I would be willing to try and
      coordinate the CS forces but wonder if you would be willing to take
      both US and CS registration details.. We can hash it out if you think
      it a possibility. Let me know..
      > YOS
      > Rob Tarbox
      > 5thVA Co D.
      > 6thNH Co.E
      > Tom Craig wrote:
      > Guys,
      > I have posted the "official" proposal for the Goshen event in
      the files section of the Yahoo group. Take a look at it and let me
      know if you have any questions/thoughts/concerns.
      > It spells out the general uniform impression and the general
      jist of what we will plan to do. The specific details of our
      activities will continue to develop and some will be revealed as we
      get closer to the date of the event.
      > My goals for this time around are to improve on our efforts
      from Borderlands and to increase the size of the outfit that comes
      together. I hope that you will all consider attending this one as I
      think a good time will be had by all.
      > On a related note, if anyone organizes a Confederate
      contingent for Goshen please let me know. Being solidly Federal that
      is where I focus my efforts, it is not slight to you CS fellas, but
      just a matter of sticking to what I am good at. We will definitely
      be looking for CS participation in our Saturday evening activities!
      > -Read the proposal
      > -Tell your friends
      > -Send in your unit or personal registration directly to me by May
      > Tom Craig
      > 95 Holley Place
      > Torrington, CT, 06790
      > -Registration is $17- $7 for the event itself, $10 for the cost
      of rations that will be issued Friday night of the event
      > I look forward to seeing you all in June!
      > Take care,
      > Tom Craig
      > "Don't you run till you see the Sixth New Hampshire run; but when
      you see that regi-ment retreating, you may do likewise." (officer of
      another regiment fighting with the sixth at Bull Run)
      > {History of the Sixth New Hampshire Regiment in the War for the
      > Captain Lyman Jackman}
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