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[Net-Gold] Bush Accused of Distorting Evidence on Climate Change

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      Subject: [Net-Gold] Bush Accused of Distorting Evidence on Climate Change

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      Subject: [Net-Gold] Bush accused of distorting evidence on climate change

      By Andrew Buncombe in Washington
      Published: 31 January 2007


      The Bush administration has been accused of
      routinely misleading the public over the
      threat of global warming and of orchestrating
      efforts to try to suppress scientific findings
      that highlight the reality of climate change.

      The chairman of a Congressional committee
      investigating the administration's actions said
      yesterday that government officials had sought
      repeatedly "to mislead the public by injecting
      doubt into the science of global warming".

      Democrat Henry Waxman also said the government
      was refusing to make public documents that would
      expose its behaviour.

      Meanwhile, two pressure groups provided survey
      findings to the committee that suggested almost
      half of federal climate scientists who responded
      said they had experienced pressure to eliminate the
      words "climate change" or "global warming" from
      their writings. One third said they had experienced
      officials at their agencies making public statements
      that misrepresented their findings.

      There have long been accusations that Mr Bush's
      government has interfered with scientific findings
      for ideological and political reasons. In the field
      of reproductive health, it has discredited the
      effectiveness of condoms for preventing sexually
      transmitted diseases and refused to authorise
      emergency contraception. In oncology it has sought
      to show a link between breast cancer and abortions.

      But nowhere has the government's efforts been more
      focused than in the field of global warming -
      something Mr Bush has only recently been willing to
      publicly accept has a link to human activity.
      Despite the belated acknowledgement, he remains
      adamantly opposed to an enforced reduction of
      greenhouse gas emissions.

      Mr Waxman said his committee had sought documents
      from the White House that would reveal its strategy
      but the government had not been forthcoming.

      He added: "We know the White House possesses documents
      that contain evidence of an attempt by senior
      administration officials to mislead the public by
      injecting doubt into the science of global warming and
      minimise the potential danger."


      The complete article may be read at the URL above.

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