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  • David P. Dillard
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      The GG1 Homepage AND More

      The GG1 Homepage

      This site is for the virtual preservation of the standard electric
      locomotive of the world, the Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1

      GG1 Background

      What's so special about the GG1? Longevity. The first GG1 went into
      service in 1935 and the last was taken out of service in 1983. The GG1
      outlasted the railroad that built it and its successor road. This may be
      in part due to the fact that the GG1 was not handed a spot in the PRR
      inventory, it earned it. It was inspired by the nearby New Haven boxcab
      electric EP-3a that served that road so well. PRR was in the market for a
      new electric but the R-1 was offered in addition to the GG1. The R1 and
      GG1 inherited their general styling from the smaller modified P5a. The GG1
      recieved the special attention of industrial designer Raymond Loewy, who,
      with minor changes in the sheet metal and major changes with the livery,
      made the GG1 the visual classic it is. Despite the other omnipresent items
      designed by Loewy, he stated he was always especially fond of the job he
      did on the G. The R-1 had a smaller single frame 2-D-2 wheel arrangement,
      compared to the GG1's multiframed 2-C+C-2. The PRR put both locos through
      their paces and the GG1 came out on top with slightly better tracking

      Read more of the background at the URL above.

      Website Contents

      GG1 Specs

      GG1 Survivor List

      Full Roster

      GG1 Paint Schemes

      GG1 Reference Sources

      GG1 Related Internet Resources

      GG1 Technojargon

      Content Sample:

      GG1 Related Internet Resources

      Surviving GG1s, by Wes Barris.
      Pennsylvania Railroad GG1
      The Broad Way: A Pennsylvania Railroad Home Page, by Mark D. Bej.
      David W. Dupler's PA Rail Pics.
      Wes Barris' Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
      Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg, PA.
      Fine Art Models' GG1.



      Some Additional Sources About the GG1

      PRR GG1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1 class of electric locomotives were built
      between 1934 to 1943 at the PRR shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania, with a
      total of 139 units constructed. They remained in service with the PRR's
      successors until the early 1980s. The GG1 became one of the most
      recognized and famous classes of locomotive worldwide.


      1 Technical information
      2 History
      2.1 A GG1 crash
      2.2 Disposition
      2.3 Surviving examples
      2.4 Last scrapped GG1s
      3 The GG1 in the movies
      4 References
      5 External links

      Technical information

      The GG1s were large locomotives, 79 ft 6 in (24.23 m) long and weighing
      477,000 lb (216,000 kg). The double-ended main body was a single unit
      formed as a bridge-truss framework and clad in welded steel plate. The
      cabs were set up high about a third of the way along the locomotive from
      each end for greater crew safety in the event of an accident. A narrower
      section of nose in front of the cab windows was lowered to improve the
      view forward, although the central part of the nose remained full height
      to carry the current-collection pantographs. The bodywork as a whole was
      smoothly rounded, with an appearance that suggested immense power and

      This was mounted upon two great cast steel locomotive frames linked by a
      hinge at the locomotive's middle which allowed side-to-side movement. Six
      driving wheels (three axles) were fitted towards the center of the
      locomotive on each truck (twelve in total) and a four-wheeled, unpowered
      guiding truck was mounted toward each end. In the Whyte notation for steam
      locomotives, each frame comprised a 4-6-0 locomotive; in the PRR's
      classification system, 4-6-0s were class "G".


      External links

      Wikimedia Commons has media related to: PRR GG1

      The Pennsylvania Railroad GG1: The "Congressionals" and "The Senator"

      NIHS Wreck of the Federal Express

      The Crash of Runaway Train #173

      "The GG1 homepage"

      GG1 Photos: Conrail Cyclopedia


      "Stan's Railpix ; Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Photo Galleries."


      The Pennsylvania Railroad GG1
      Steam Locomotive.com

      Page Contents: [Surviving GG1s] [GG1 Numbering] [GG1 Deliveries]
      [GG1 Status] [GG1 Paint Schemes] [GG1 Specifications] [GG1 Glossary]
      [Will a GG1 ever run again?] [GG1 Pages on the Web] [GG1 Reference]

      GG-1 Electric Locomotive #4935

      Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Page 1 of 2 Stan's Railpix

      Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1; Page 2 of 2 Stan's Railpix

      #83 Penn. RR GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800 (1943)
      Railroad Museum of Pennsylvannia
      Rte 741E., P.O. Box 125
      Strasburg, PA 17579
      ASME Landmarks

      GG1 Roster
      North East Rails
      PRR GG1 Roster
      Electric Locomotives

      The Legendary Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive
      American Rails.com

      GG1 Electric Locomotive - Tuscan by Lionel
      Price: $1,275
      Item #: 859849
      Availability: In Stock
      FAO Schwartz
      [Lionel Model for Electric Train Set]

      A shorter URL for the above link:


      Steve's Railroad Pages
      The Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1

      The remarkable GG1
      by Karl R Zimmermann
      Type: Book; English
      Publisher: New York : Quadrant Press, 1977.
      ISBN: 091527616X 9780915276165
      OCLC: 4669152


      A shorter URL for the above link:


      Article: Pennsylvania Railroad Electrification Strategy
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      Article: Steam Railroad Electrification in America, 1920-1950: The
      Unrealized Potential
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      Article: Electric Traction on the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1895-1968
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      Railroads of Pennsylvania : fragments of the past in the Keystone
      by Lorett Treese
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      Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited
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      Article: Depression Modern: The Thirties Style in America
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      Landmarks in Mechanical Engineering
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      The Streamline Era
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      Raymond Loewy: Pioneer of American Industrial Design
      By Raymond Loewy, Angela Schnberger, Stephen Bayley, Internationales
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      Raymond Loewy: Pioneer of American Industrial Design
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      Railroads of Pennsylvania: Fragments of the Past in the Keystone Landscape
      By Lorett Treese
      Published by Stackpole Books, 2003
      ISBN 0811726223, 9780811726221
      274 pages
      See Page 76


      Thanks to Dennis M. Linsky, frequent contributor to the Philly_Traction
      Philadelphia transit discussion group for sharing a link to the GG1 Full
      Roster on another discussion group.

      David Dillard
      Temple University
      (215) 204 - 4584
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