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Digital Storytelling: A Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps

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  • George Lessard
    . Digital Storytelling: A Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps Expert tips on creating a polished, professional digital video
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      Digital Storytelling:
      A Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps

      Expert tips on creating a polished,
      professional digital video


      By: J.D. Lasica

      October 2, 2006

      Digital storytelling is a craft that
      uses the tools of digital technology
      to tell stories about our lives.
      Done properly, storytelling can be a
      powerful, evocative, and emotional
      way of communicating themes and
      stories, often touching us in deeper
      ways than one-dimensional videos that
      rarely probe beneath the surface of
      people's lives.

      The best such stories are at once both
      personal and universal.

      Storytellers may decide to create a
      work meant to be seen only by a few
      family members, but increasingly
      they're sharing their stories online with
      a wider community. It's remarkable how
      often these small snippets of life
      appeal to millions of us looking for
      meaning beyond the facile, artificial
      stories found on network television.
      In fact, we're discovering that we
      all have stories to tell.

      Digital stories come in all sizes and
      shapes, from a simple video blog
      that recounts an interesting episode
      to a more sophisticated treatment
      that follows a narrative arc and
      relies primarily on images and found

      To create a polished digital story,
      it's best to sign up for a
      digital-storytelling workshop, which
      can last from a few hours to several
      days and generally costs a modest
      tuition fee. However, not everyone in
      every country can attend such a hands-on
      workshop, so the steps below
      should enable you to create your story.
      (Of course, feel free to take
      shortcuts if you need to.)

      I was first introduced to digital
      storytelling by two masters of the
      craft, Joe Lambert and Nina Mullen,
      who run the Center for Digital
      Storytelling in Berkeley, California.
      Below are some tips culled from
      their workshop, from Lambert's book
      "Digital Storytelling," from another
      inspiring workshop run by Leslie Rule
      of KQED's Digital Storytelling
      Initiative (and a member of the
      Ourmedia Board of Advisors), and from my
      own observations among the family of
      digital storytellers.
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