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Med-Legal-Pain-Prison Health Care Articles

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  • Barbara Acello, RN
    . Med-Legal-Pain-Prison Health Care Articles AHRQ creates health care innovation exchange The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality s Health Care
    Message 1 of 129 , Jul 31, 2007
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      Med-Legal-Pain-Prison Health Care Articles

      AHRQ creates health care innovation exchange

      The Agency for Healthcare Research and
      Quality's Health Care Innovations Exchange
      program will feature industry ideas to
      accelerate the implementation of innovative
      health care. AHRQ has created an expert
      panel and editorial board to select
      submitted innovations and work with
      contributors to refine their concepts.
      The exchange should be available next spring.
      Health Data Management


      Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance,
      Tue, 31 Jul 2007 8:00 AM PDT
      It Pays to be in Healthcare:
      Leading Recruiting Firm - Martin, Fletcher -
      Releases Physician, Nurse & Allied Health ...


      IRVING, Texas----Martin, Fletcher, a leading national
      healthcare recruiting and consultancy firm, released
      the results of both its annual physician compensation
      survey and combined nursing and allied health
      industry trends and benefits report today.

      Qwest says it will advance money for ex-CEO's bills
      The Spokesman Review - Spokane,WA,USA

      The United Steelworkers said a key issue resolved
      during the weekend was a Carlyle agreement to form
      a trust for retiree health care separate from the
      one ...


      House Passes Four Bills Aimed at Aiding Veterans
      Washington Post - United States

      Got a story to share about your experience with the
      military or VA health care systems? Contact
      The Washington Post at (202) 334-4880 or by e-mail


      Does government's size matter?
      Seattle Times - United States

      "For us, it's either slash education, higher education,
      health care for seniors or for the disabled, or let
      people out of prison," said Granholm,...


      Judith Kirkwood: Doctors human, experience same woes
      as rest of us
      The Capital Times - Madison,WI,USA

      I think you will find that all of the health care
      organizations employ doctors who have made misjudgments
      in their health care delivery, who have perhaps ...


      Sheriff severs jail health contract
      Ocala Star-Banner - Ocala,FL,USA

      "Therefore, the Marion County Sheriff's Office must
      proceed with an alternative plan to deliver health
      care to inmates at an affordable cost,"
      Dean wrote in ...


      OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA

      Denying health care to poor children while pushing for
      permanent tax cuts for the richest people in the
      history of the world. ...


      Federal prisons await two more from Enron

      Two Enron broadband executives, already federal felons
      because of guilty pleas, become federal prisoners this
      week. The two were the last to be sentenced of 15 Enron
      defendants who pleaded guilty.


      Dorsey v. Quarterman, No. 06-70039

      Denial of petition for habeas corpus is affirmed where:

      1) one or more jurors' exposure to extraneous material
      was harmless error;

      2) a Batson claim relating to juror was procedurally
      barred since the state court has held that record based
      claims not raised on direct appeal will not be
      considered in habeas proceedings; and

      3) even if the court erred in denying defendant's juror
      challenges for cause, there was no constitutional
      violation because the jurors were removed from the jury
      by his use of peremptory challenges and he has not
      alleged that the jury that sat in his capital murder
      trial was not impartial.


      THIS JUST IN...Nursing Made Incredibly Easy

      FDA green lights generic Lamisil

      FDA warns consumers: Buying drugs on the Internet is
      risky business

      High selenium levels associated with diabetes risk

      AHA offers guidelines to stop newborn defects

      Hospital errors continue to rise in the U.S.
      HealthGrades, an independent health care ratings
      company, has released its fourth annual Patient
      Safety in American Hospitals Study, and the news
      isn't encouraging.

      ISMP: Transdermal patches pose safety risk

      Western Governor's University now offering online
      Master's degrees


      Former tech workers find refuge - and profit -
      in massage franchises
      Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA

      "I was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and it
      helps with pain management issues," Masters, 24, said.
      "I started coming here about a year and a half ...


      Javelin Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 3 Breakthrough
      Cancer Pain ...
      PharmaLive.com (press release) - Newtown,PA,USA

      ... moderate-to-severe pain that suddenly flare up and
      overcome a standing, by-the-clock pain management
      regimen with morphine or other opioids. ...


      Business ticker for 7/31/2007
      York Dispatch - York,PA,USA

      ... Carlisle-based Rite Aid Corp. and the
      American Pain Foundation are partnering to
      provide free comprehensive pain management
      information in August and ...


      HMA Takes a Hammering
      TheStreet.com - USA

      By Melissa Davis Investors have finally lost their
      patience and pulled the plug on Health Management
      Associates (HMA - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr)....


      BBC News, Tue, 31 Jul 2007 2:20 AM PDT
      Who, what, why... How do animals predict illness or
      even death?


      Can pets sense illness? A cat has apparently "predicted"
      the deaths of 25 residents in a nursing home in the US.
      It seems fanciful but can pets detect illness or even

      Summer Nursing News and Research Briefs
      Newswise (press release) - USA

      Acute Injury Patterns Help Identify Intimate Partner
      Violence-Also writing in the July issue of Trauma,
      Violence & Abuse, JHUSON nurse researchers Daniel J. ...


      Hospitals' Efforts to Reduce Skin Injury in
      Patients Must Improve
      Infection Control Today - Phoenix,AZ,USA

      "The prevalence of skin injury in incontinent patients
      is alarming because it is preventable and is associated
      with an increased risk of pressure ulcers," ...


      Podhurst Orseck Files Lawsuit on Behalf of American
      Killed in ...
      CNNMoney.com - USA

      In addition to TAM, which is charged with its own
      negligence and that of its pilots and maintenance
      personnel, the defendants in the lawsuit are
      Airbus SAS; ...


      Parents of a US Marine Who Committed Suicide After
      Returning Home ...
      Democracy Now - New York,NY,USA

      The Luceys are suing the VA for negligence.
      On Monday, Joyce and Kevin Lucey joined me
      from Chicopee, Massachusetts to talk about
      their son Jeffrey and the ...


      Mother appeals state negligence lawsuit dismissal
      Marshalltown Times Republican - Marshalltown,IA,USA

      Jermon suffered brain damage and needed 24-hour medical
      care after he was released from the hospital.
      In 2006, the curve of his spine began to interfere ...


      Doctor pleads not guilty in fraud prescription case
      North County Times - Escondido,CA,USA

      Murrieta police say Dreyer wrote prescriptions to people
      for drugs such as Vicodin, Oxycontin and Xanax in
      exchange for $100 cash and without first...


      Painkiller can lead to life of crime
      Canada East - Canada

      She said addictions to Dilaudid and OxyContin, another
      powerful prescription painkiller, certainly appear to
      be the biggest problem in Fredericton when it ...


      Michael Vick may face new indictment
      WDBJ7.com - Roanoke,VA,USA

      In the OxyContin case against Doctor Cecil Knox,
      for example, the prosecution went back to the
      grand jury six times before it was satisfied
      with the ...


      Hard pill to swallow: Addiction v. temperance
      KGET 17 - Bakersfield,CA,USA

      She began popping Vicodin for back pain, but that
      wasn't enough, so her doctor prescribed Oxycontin.
      Beverly Rhodes is one of Mary's counselors
      at James ...


      Ex-nurse gets life in prison for dismembering husband,
      dumping ...
      San Diego Union Tribune - United States

      By Rebecca Santana AP NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A former
      nurse was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for
      killing her husband, hacking up his body and
      stuffing ...


      Police Arrest Alleged Nurse Impersonator
      WMTW - Auburn,ME,USA

      PORTLAND, Maine -- A New Hampshire man faces a number
      of charges in Maine after police said he impersonated
      a nurse at a Standish camp. ...


      O'Berry nurse of the year named
      Goldsboro News Argus - Goldsboro,NC,USA

      But years ago, while caring for her grandfather after he suffered a stroke
      and was in intensive care, he suggested she become a nurse. ...


      NASSAU COUNTY: Nurse jailed and fined for false medical
      Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA

      A former Nassau home care nurse was sentenced to 60
      days in jail yesterday after she admitted falsely
      billing Medicaid for more than $150000 in services she ...


      Nurse accused of stealing narcotics
      Capital News 9 - Albany,NY,USA

      Police say a Niskayuna nurse is accused of stealing
      narcotics from a nursing home and then falsifying
      records to conceal her theft. ...


      Fairfield U. to help tackle nurse shortage
      Connecticut Post - Bridgeport,CT,USA

      FAIRFIELD -- Fairfield University is partnering with the
      Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System in
      West Haven on a five-year federally funded program ...


      "Barbara Acello, RN"
    • Barbara Acello, R.N.
      . Med-Legal-Pain-Prison Health Care Articles The value of tort reform is exaggerated Atlanta Journal Constitution The Texas experience is instructive. While
      Message 129 of 129 , Sep 11, 2009
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        Med-Legal-Pain-Prison Health Care Articles

        The value of tort reform is exaggerated
        Atlanta Journal Constitution

        The Texas experience is instructive.
        While Texas conservatives claim their
        tort reform has brought down medical
        costs, Dr. Atul Gawande, writing in
        the New ...


        Report Identifies Weaknesses in CMS'
        Medicaid Fraud Detection

        The MSIS reporting program aims to
        help detect Medicaid and Medicare fraud
        and abuse. The report, titled "MSIS Data
        Usefulness for Detecting Fraud,...


        Hot Links: Dallas molester
        keeps medical license
        Dallas Morning News

        That's because the Texas Medical
        Board recently decided not to take his
        license away, as Dallas Morning News
        reporter Diane Jennings shows


        Help May Be On the Way for
        Colorado Nursing Home Patients
        (press release)

        Nursing homes often bury arbitration
        clauses deep in admissions contracts,
        stripping injured residents and their
        families of the right to sue for
        harm. ...


        Broaddus couple found guilty
        of health care fraud

        BEAUMONT, TX (KTRE) - They were indicted
        five months ago and now a Broaddus
        couple has been convicted of health care
        related fraud in federal court


        Katrina leaves lasting mark on
        New Orleans hospitals

        New Orleans hospitals that survived
        Hurricane Katrina underwent
        long-lasting changes and learned to
        do more with less, such as performing
        more surgeries with fewer staff.
        However, they also saw revenue decline
        due to an increase in uninsured patients,
        a report says.

        ABC News/Reuters


        RN develops clear face mask
        to let smiles show through

        As a burn nurse, Jeanne Hahne was
        troubled that patients could not see her
        face because of the protective masks
        she wore to prevent infection. It was
        30 years in the making, but Hahne, who
        works at California Pacific Medical
        Center, has developed a clear plastic
        face mask that allows patients to be
        comforted by seeing her smile.

        San Francisco Chronicle (9/10)


        Two Fibromyalgia Experts
        Available for Interviews

        Two leading experts in the diagnosis
        and treatment of fibromyalgia
        are available for interviews about
        the signs, symptoms, current treatment
        landscape and other important aspects
        of the condition.

        --Edelman PR, NYC


        Scroll down to read some of the
        posts from the blog they
        very interesting

        UPDATES Weblog from Pain-Topics.org
        Dispels Common Myths of Pain Care

        News/Research UPDATES take a hard
        look at soft evidence behind many
        of today's pain management practices
        and beliefs. This new offering from
        Pain Treatment Topics helps healthcare
        providers and the public to develop
        an educated skepticism.

        --Pain Treatment Topics


        News Channel 5 Nashville,
        Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:30 PM PDT
        Shortage Of Nurses
        At Nashville State Prison


        The DeBerry Special Needs Facility
        provides acute and convalescent health
        care for prisoners, and they are hiring
        for RN and LPN positions to care
        for the more than 700 patients.

        Prison on the brink
        San Jose Mercury News

        Specifically, the three judges
        found that the prisons can't provide
        adequate medical and mental health
        care to inmates, violating their
        constitutional ...


        Health IT Business News Roundup
        for the Week of Sept. 11, 2009

        Correctional Medical Services,
        a health care services provider to prison
        systems in 17 states, will begin offering
        EHR services from eClinicalWorks....


        Half of U.S. Prisons Fail to Adequately
        Treat Opiate Addiction


        Opiate-replacement therapy (ORT)
        such as methadone and
        buprenorphine are available in
        only about half of all federal
        and state prison systems, and
        just 23 states provide referrals
        to addiction treatment upon release
        from prison, according to
        new research.

        Missing Mom Mystery Gets Stranger
        MyFox Philadelphia

        The Texas Equusearch team is working
        with local police and divers to comb
        the river for missing nurse and mother.
        Reports indicate the searchers


        Mention in Obama's speech inspires
        Waxahachie breast cancer patient
        Dallas Morning News

        Beaton, a 59-year-old who spent 30
        years as a nurse, said she felt honored.
        "It's not about me. I'm just a regular
        person like you," said Beaton, ...


        "Barbara Acello, R.N."

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