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  • Bonnie Kavanagh
    Thank you for sharing that David. Bonnie Kavanagh RN, BSN, BC, CLNC ... From: David P. Dillard To: Net-Gold ;
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      Thank you for sharing that David.

      Bonnie Kavanagh RN, BSN, BC, CLNC

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      Subject: [Net-Gold] Linda Bee

      In days gone by, daily or at least near daily posts from Linda Bee have
      been tremendous learning resources for all of the readers of Net-Gold and
      related lists. In December 2006 Linda Bee went off line as she traveled
      from her Temple Terrace home in Florida to a northwest suburb of Boston to
      provide hospice care to her terminally ill mother. Linda has no internet
      access while in Massachusetts. Her mother in May had been showing signs
      of improvement when a tragic fall off of back porch steps took the life of
      Linda Bee's mother. Needless to say, Linda is devastated. In the
      meantime, my wife and I took a trip of five days duration to Vermont. We
      went up via New York. While in Vermont, my wife suggested that we travel
      back via Boston area and stop in to visit Linda. We cranked up our map
      resources and figured how to get there after contacting Linda who was very
      happy to have the opportunity to meet us in person after years of contact
      via telephone and work togther in matters internet. Linda is a very
      intelligent person who has made the most of her life and abilities after
      suffering two disabling set backs in the form of two strokes in years
      past. Her work moderating two genealogy lists and a food recipe list
      along with her tremendous contributions to Net-Gold are indications of an
      ability to do the very most with ones resources. I thought members who
      remember Linda would want to be aware of the hard times she has been
      through and the recent tragic end to this period in her life.

      For any unfamiliar with her great efforts, please have a look at these

      <http://tinyurl. com/2gdrx8>

      <http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Candyman/>

      <http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Genie- Angels/>

      <http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/RecipesBet weenFriends/>

      Membership is required to view posts in each of these Yahoo Groups that
      Linda moderates and browsing will be necessary to see her posting in each
      as the number of posts in each from her exceeds the 5,000 record output
      that is the search limit of Yahoo Group site search engine archive
      searches. Does that tell one something of the tremendous contribution
      provided by Linda Bee to those who are users of her valuable posts?
      Remember, if you browse the three Yahoo Groups lists after joining, browse
      from December 2006 and before as there is no posting from Linda Bee this
      year for the reasons noted above.

      I trust we all are saddened by the tragic event that had befallen Linda
      and hope that after her return home in the near future that she will be
      able to recover from the sadness that has been a substantial part of this
      entire visit. Meeting Linda was quite an honor as she is a wonderful
      person to be with and sharing an evening with Linda was an experience that
      will never be forgotten.

      David Dillard
      Temple University
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      jwne@temple. edu
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