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NEW RESOURCE: Free Tech Staffing Firms List

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  • Judith Briggs
    NEW RESOURCE: Free IT Staffing Firms List [Please announce this if appropriate for your members.] Sign up Now and receive your publications with IT Staffing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2006
      NEW RESOURCE: Free IT Staffing Firms List

      [Please announce this if appropriate for your members.]

      Sign up Now and receive your publications with "IT Staffing Firms"
      Free for only
      $18.95 electronic or $35. electronic with print-

      IT Jobs - IT Prospects:
      . Companies
      . Contacts
      . Links
      Get Hired Now by Companies Winning New Business and Requiring New
      Electronic Edition - $18.95 Electronic with Print - $35.
      Regional editions available for specific regions: New England States,
      Mid-Atlantic States, Potomac Region States, Midwest States, Western
      States, West Coast, Northwestern States. Plus, U.S. IT Staffing Firms
      and U.S. based Outsourcers

      You can pay now and:
      Download electronic editions and use live links to companies and
      company contacts right now.

      Buy a combination. Download now. Get the book(s) in the mail in a few
      days. Postage is included in the price. Just click on the editions you
      want, and you will see the options for that particular edition. Select
      your option, pay, and you are on your way!

      IT Jobs - IT Prospects:
      . U.S. IT Staffing Firms
      . U.S. based Outsourcers
      Electronic Edition - Live Links -$18.95
      Electronic Edition - Live Links -$35

      IT Jobs Position Yourself :
      . Contracts
      . Classifications
      . Pay Scales
      Electronic $18.95 Electronic with Print $35.
      Software Programmer Consultant Network Engineer Application Developer
      . Career and Job Guide
      Electronic $18.95 Electronic with Print $35.

      IT Service Providers with Contracts
      Companies-Contacts-Links including Live Links
      and Ready-to-Print Mailing Label Document
      Individual 50 U.S. States
      With "IT Staffing Firms" Electronic Free
      All 50 U.S. State Lists are $25

      IT Companies with Contracts Select States
      AK(+WA) (342) $25.00 AL(89) $25.00 AR(+AL,TN) (195) $25.00 AZ (215)
      $25.00 CA (2535) $25.00 CO (1329) $25.00 CT(+ME,NH,VT) (108) $25.00 DE
      (+DC) (147) $25.00 FL (240) $25.00 GA (153) $25.00 HI(+CA) (2655) $25.00
      IA (+IL) (305) $25.00 ID(+UT) (235) $25.00 IL (235) $25.00 IN(+IL) (261)
      $25.00 KS (60) $25.00 KY(+AL,LA,TN) (203) $25.00 LA(+AL,KY,TN) (203)
      $25.00 MA (212) $25.00 MD (715) $25.00 ME(+CT,NH,VT) (108) $25.00 MI
      (120) $25.00 MN (132) $25.00 MO (69) $25.00 MS(+AL,KY,TN) (79) $25.00 MT (74)
      $25.00 NC (104) $25.00 ND(+SD,NE) (171) $25.00 NE(+ND,SD,MO) (240)
      NH(+CT,ME,VT) (108) $25.00 NJ (252) $25.00 NM (54) $25.00 NV (114)
      NY (723) $25.00 OH (191) $25.00 OK (63) $25.00 OR (55) $25.00 PA (199)
      $25.00 RI(+MA,CT) (80) $25.00 SC (+NC,GA) (+318) $25.00 SD(+ND,NE) (171)
      $25.00 TN (58) $25.00 TX (1547) $25.00 UT (175) $25.00 VA (1381) $25.00
      VT(+ME,NH,CT) (97) $25.00 WA (123) $25.00 WI (+MN) 170 $25.00 WV (+VA)
      1401 $25.00 WY (+CO) (1330) $25.00

      >>> Download e-lists and use live links to contact companies right now.
      Send letters to companies with mailing label document set up. Just
      click on the U.S. States you want,
      and you will see the options. Select your option, pay, and you
      are on your way!

      U.S. IT Service Provider e-Lists are available for the individual 50
      U.S. States. The number of companies on each list is cited in parentheses on
      the Sign Up pull-down box: example: New York (723); Virginia (1381). You
      will receive the e-List with live links, mailing label document setup,
      and the IT Staffing Firms e-list with mailing label document setup. The IT
      Staffing Firms e-List is FREE when combined with purchase of any other
      publication. It contains information on over 2300 IT Staffing Firms. The
      Individual 50 U.S. States lists and IT Staffing Firms list do not
      duplicate each other.


      [Please post this for your members.]


      Info Tech Employment

      Curriculum Development Grant

      For Tech Educators

      Deadline: May 30, 2006

      Contact: http://www.infotechemployment.com

      Submit Application: howtocurriculum@...

      Tech educators are invited to apply for the 2006 Info Tech Employment curriculum development grant. The $500. cash grant is to be used to develop or augment a curriculum in "How to Get a Job in Information Technology: Transitioning from Education to Workplace." The curriculum should go beyond technical training. It should provide the resources and tools to understand the IT industry and the specialized companies placing for IT employment. High school, college, university, community college, post secondary school, and technical institute tech educators and faculty are eligible to apply.

      In addition, 25 applicants will be awarded Info Tech Employment career guides: "Software Programmer - Consultant - Network Engineer - Application Developer: Career & Job Guide", or "IT Jobs - IT Prospects: Companies-Contacts-Links [in 8 regional editions]", or "Computer Jobs with the Growing Information Technology Professional Services Sector". Info Tech Employment is a leading industry news source, publishing advisories on information technology employment.

      A 1-2 page description of the curriculum in development is required, explaining the existing or proposed "how to get a job in Information Technology" curriculum. The cash scholarship will be awarded based on the usefulness of the curriculum to the students for transitioning them from the classroom to the workplace, and for providing them with the tools necessary to find the right companies for employment.

      The 1-2 page description should be sent to howtocurriculum@... by June 30, 2006. Winners will be invited to write about the curriculum for Technology Grant News and for an article to be featured on the website http://www.infotechemployment.com . The award will be announced in July 2006.

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