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14537DATABASE CITED AUTHOR SEARCHING : DATABASE SEARCHING TECHNIQUES: Finding Who in Subsequent Research and Writing Has Cited a Known Article or Source

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  • David P. Dillard
    Aug 19, 2006
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      Finding Who in Subsequent Research and Writing Has Cited
      a Known Article or Source


      This post suggests some sources that discuss methods of finding from a
      publication or article known to the reader, who has used that article in
      their subsquent research and writing by citing that author in their
      biblopgraphy or text or footnotes or endnotes.

      Web of Science - Thomson Scientific Now Web of Knowledge

      Web of Science - Thomson Scientific : Tutorial Now Web of Knowledge

      Cited Reference Searching on ISI Web of Knowledge

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      Pter's Digital Reference Shelf
      August 2004
      Title: Web of Science Citation Indexes
      Publisher: Thomson ISI
      URL: http://www.isinet.com
      Cost: Depends on database combinations and time span
      Tested: July 12-20, 2004
      Gale / Thompson

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      Database Guide
      Web of Science (aka Web of Knowledge)
      Arthur Lakes Library
      Colorado School of Mines

      Web of Science via Web of Knowledge


      Cited Author Searching: Implications For Instruction in Forensic
      Perdue, Bob; Piotrowski, Chris
      Journal of Instructional Psychology
      September 2004 v. 31 no. 3 p. 220-222

      Citation-enhanced indexing/abstracting databases.
      Pter Jacs
      Online Information Review
      2004 v. 28 no. 3 p. 235-238

      ISSUES: The Association of Learned and Professional Society
      Publishers: Hot Topics: Publishing Economics, Web of
      Science, and Peer Review

      Ted Tedrick:
      Temple University Professor:
      School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

      Savvy searching: citation-enhanced indexing/abstracting databases.
      Jacs P
      Online Information Review
      2004 v. 28 no. 3 p. 235-238

      AuthorLink: instant author co-citation mapping for online searching By:
      Lin, Xia; White, Howard D; Buzydlowski,
      January National Online 2001 Proceedings
      2001 p. 233-241

      Hofstede's consequences: The impact of his work on consulting and business
      Bing, John W.
      Academy of Management Executive
      February 2004 v. 18 no. 1 p. 80-87

      A Citation Study of Life Science Authors in Taiwan.
      Tsay, Ming-yueh; Chou, Shu-chen.
      Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences
      June 2004 v. 41 no. 4 p. 503-529

      Of tribes and totems: An author cocitation context analysis of kurt
      lewin's influence in social science journals.
      Marion, Linda Sheetz
      Dissertation Abstracts International
      Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences
      Vol 65 (3-A) 2004 p. 740

      Anlisis Bibliomtrico de la Revista Journal of Sex Research (1980-2003). =
      Bibliometric Analysis of the Journal of Sex Research (1980-2003).
      Zubeidat, Ihab; Desvarieux, Anne Rachel; Salamanca, Yenny
      Revista Universitas Psychlogica
      v. 3 no. 1 January / June 2004 p. 47-54

      Using bibliometric journal citation analysis as a technique to assess
      trends in school psychology journal publications from 1995--1999.
      Kwak, Megan Michelle
      Dissertation Abstracts International:
      Section B: The Sciences and Engineering
      v. 63 6-B January 2002 p. 2993

      Citation counts of multi-authored papers: first-named authors and further
      authors Lange, Lydia L.
      November / December 2001 v. 52 no. 3 p. 457-470

      How Can We Investigate Citation Behavior? A Study of Reasons for Citing
      Literature in Communication.
      Case, Donald O.; Higgins, Georgeann M.
      Journal of the American Society for Information Science
      v. 51 no. 7 p. 635-645

      What's in a name? Bibliometric analysis of 40 years of the Journal of
      broadcasting (and electronic media)
      Rice, Ronald E.; Chapin, John; Pressman, Rebecca
      In Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media,
      v. 40 Fall 1996 p. 511-539

      J Med Libr Assoc. 2002 April; 90(2): 253256.
      Copyright 2002, Medical Library Association

      Multiple database coverage of structural biology*
      Claudia Lascar, M.P.A., M.S.L.I.S., AHIP, Science Reference Librarian1 and
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      Claudia Lascar: clascar@...; Loren D. Mendelsohn:
      Received July 2001; Accepted November 2001.

      Bull Med Libr Assoc. 1989 April; 77(2): 176184.
      Copyright notice
      In search of applications of nursing theories: the Nursing Citation Index.
      E D Johnson
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      Jacso, P. 2005. As We May Search--Comparison of Major Features of the Web
      of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar Citation-Based and
      Citation-Enhanced Databases. Current Science 89(9):1537-1547. [Online].
      Available: http://www.ias.ac.in/currsci/nov102005/1537.pdf [December 7,

      Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Winter 2006
      Database Reviews and Reports
      Howard M. Dess
      Physical Sciences Resource Librarian
      Library of Science & Medicine
      Rutgers University
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      Research Article
      Bibliographic index coverage of a multidisciplinary field
      William H. Walters 1, Esther I. Wilder 2 3
      1Owen D. Young Library, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617
      2Department of Sociology and Social Work, Lehman College, The City
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      email: William H. Walters (whwalters@...) Esther I. Wilder
      Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
      Volume 54, Issue 14 , Pages 1305 - 1312
      Published Online: 28 Jul 2003

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