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291Re: [Nepal194] Nepali children's books

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  • fourteeners@aol.com
    Jul 19, 2010
      It's tough to find good stuff on this even in Kathmandu, although I think there is more than there used to be.  My wife is in Pokhara right now with the kids so I will ask her to look.  When my son was little, she had made her own devenagari poster to go next to his ABC's, as we could only find Hindi ones when we looked ( most of the characters were the same on the Hindi one but all the example words didn't match Nepali )


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      Hey folks,

      I know there's been a rash of babies born to our groupmates lately, some of them half-Nepalis like my own little rugrat. Dion just turned two, and I figure it's time to start teaching him to read Nepali. Does anyone know where I can find Nepali language alphabet books and simple children's books in Nepali? We would also like to find children's versions of the traditional Hindu stories, in either English or Nepali. There is nothing where we live in San Diego, and I can't find anything online, but if you know of a local store that carries that kind of thing, and could give me their number, I could call and see if they could send me stuff. Can anyone help me out?


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