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280Fw: Indradai Update

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  • Alayne Mundt
    Jul 22, 2009
      Hi All,

      Not sure if everyone gets this, so I'm sorry in advance for the duplicate email. I thought everyone would want to read the message below.

      All the best,

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      For those of you who served as volunteers in Nepal in the 70's, 80's or 90's you probably remember Indradai. In my group, N'172 (1991-1993) Indra was our training coordinator - a very sweet man and a great friend. Unfortunately he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and will be undergoing significant and expensive treatment in Chitwan. Below are some updates I have received from Shivaji.

      -- Aaron

      As some of you have already been informed about former PC/N Training Project Director, Language Coordinator and Language Trainer, Mr. Indra Vilas Akela, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Following notes from our colleagues Anar Basnet and Daulat Karki confirm the crisis.

      On Sun 7/19/09 6:13 PM Anar sent the following message:
      "Few minutes before I talked to Indra daai. His treatment started today. Doctor decided to do radiotherapy and did one radiotherapy today. Tomorrow Doctor will start chemotherapy. Peace Corps/Nepal former staff Suvarna is in Chitwan and will be back tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will go to see bhaauju at Gongabu. This is all for now."

      On Fri 7/17/09 9:41 PM, Daulat sent the following message:
      "Indra dai submitted all the tests result as prescribed by the doctor and the doctors are reviewing them for treatment planning. Doctors have said that Indra dai needs to do chemo-therapy and/or Radio therapy. He needs to take Chemo-therapy six times (each therapy will be after three weeks). The cost of each Chemo –therapy will be in-between 21 – 25 thousand. Doctors also have said that they might do both the (chemo and radio) therapies. All these will be decided next Sunday and his treatment will begin from Monday July 20, 2009. If they decide to give radio therapy, he needs to take it everyday which will require him to stay at Bharatpur for two months. The cost of Radio Therapy is not yet known. We need to wait until next Sunday, July 19, 2009 to get more information about Indra dai’s treatment."