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277you personal courier to nepal

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  • shana g
    Feb 3, 2009
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      namaste amigos. 
      i'm heading back to haamro nepal in 3 weeks!  i'm happy to ferry things over and either leave them with the guesthouse in KTM for pickup or to courier letters, pictures, small things to your friends/families outside of KTM. 
      chitwan-wallahs:  i'll be heading down there and can likely hand-deliver. 
      current DC-wallahs:  i will be home on SUNDAY, February 22nd from 5pm - 8pm to collect things for carry.  a map & entry instructions are attached.  i'll have some beer and maybe even chhiya -- so come say "hi" even if you don't want to make me your personal mail carrier.  :)
      for the rest of yas:  if you'd like to send something to me for delivery, please post it (for delivery by Saturday, February 21st) to the following address:
      401 E Street SE #303
      Washington, DC  20003.
      i'm but one woman and there are 110 of you on this list, so go easy on me!  :)  but definitely take advantage of my portage.  i'm also happy to deliver namastes and well wishes. 
      thulo namaste,