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RE: [NaturalScienceKS] global warming and 'prison planet'

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  • Wilbur Southey
    Hi Lorinda, Yes, there has been some really big changes on the other planets in the Solar System and, as we know, also the Heliosphere. We live in interesting
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      Hi Lorinda,
      Yes, there has been some really big changes on the other planets in the Solar System and, as we know, also the Heliosphere.  We live in interesting times, that is for sure!  I have also had a feeling that there is a link with the SAC to all of it, because, quite clearly, of the timing - but along with the SAC there has of course been a bunch of FA shenanigans.
      I've been keeping a close eye on the Sun and it's lack of Spots.  There's no doubt in my mind that this is linked to the drop in mean temperature and no-doubt there are other affects as well.
      Much Lava,

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      Hi Paul and all
      Ten years or more ago - I was studying sacred geometry with Dan Winter. I think between 1998-2001 timeframe..
      One of the things we discussed and looked at - was a whole load of science material (documents, pictures and video's) regarding the changed and continuing to change - frequency of the fields surrounding each planet in our solar system. This was not a 5% increase or something occurring - but 1000%, 900%, 600% - each planet was a bit different - but still hugely different to their norm's!! It created an opaque white misty cloud around the perimeter of each planet and is (I am assuming still is) visible by various strength telescopes. Each of the planets underneath this misty cloud were also warming to the similar or same extent that Earth was as well - percentages were similar. This was the work of various quite well-known scientists (no clue who now? might be able to find out though). Has anyone else seen this?
      I mention this because it may not be FA related activities, but activities related to the coming SAC - the preparation of the SS for the SAC. Or alternatively, it may be FA related in that they needed to make these same changes in  all planets in the Solar System - to enable them to do what they had in their plans, during the SAC. Either way - I feel sure it was related to the SAC period - and possibly occurs during every 26,??? year cycle. Originally KS was indicating the planets had to line up - dimensionally - for ascension to occur from D1 to D2. Stairstep creation back up though the Densities. The way back now has changed of course, but the effects of teh original plan is perhaps still in place? Just my thoughts!
      Human activity cannot create more than a miniscule probablility of polluting the entire Solar System - which I know we have been fed for a long time now (that human activity has created global warming). I think the figure I have heard is that human activity is contributing around 2% of Earth's global warming - so would be signifcantly less than that for the rest of the Solar System. And we find there is now a large discussion happening planet -wide as to whether global warming or global cooling is in place.
      So if not for the SAC (either Krystic or FA), the whole SS is warming up (or is it?) and generating huge fields of frequency around all the planets - is for some other unknown reason! Scientists do not know why!
      The end of Sun Cycle 23 - I think it was officially October/November 2006? - was punctuated by the North Pole spiral  (cannot remember the name of it now - but I think it was to do with Schumann's Resonance of the planet) - becoming immobile for 3 months. This spirals in and out (and creates the wobbles) with each Sun Cycle normally. There has been occasions where either the spiral out Or the spiral in has stopped for a little while - but both together had never stopped before. It did on November 9th 2006 or similar date. It was believed by scientists at the time to be related to the huge Indonesian earthquke the previous December - still rebounding in the grids. The spiral/wobble resumed again February 2007 - and the spin cycle was much smaller, then kinda normalised later in 2007.. In additon, the sun spots dramatically reduced in both volume and volatility - and finally stopped almost completely mid last year. There has been several consective months of zero sun-spots and most have tiny numbers compared to the past. I often wondered what this actually meant to us here!
      In an earlier post from Wilbur, he mentioned we are no longer in a global warming - but in a global cooling - situation. And that certainly seems to be the case. And it fits the "no sun spots" theory as well. Wilbur mentioned that no sun spots last occurred during the last mini-ice age - the Maunder Period - the 300-year  very cold period  that occurred in Europe (and proably elsewhere) in the Middle Ages period. This apparently happens quickly (within 30-50 years)...good insulatation will be a must!!
      I do not know if lack of sun spots it is related to the Sun Bhardoa period - possibly! My understanding is the Sun will be very turbulent for a very long time to come - and will get hotter and the planet will lose it's protective atmosphere eventually - many will not be able to survive the radiation of teh surface so will need to live underground - so will become barren and uninhabitable - before it explodes. This could be billions of years away...I hope not to be around to see this! :-)
      Others may know more about the Prison Planet site - I do not go there normally!

      Much LAVA


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      Dear all,

      interesting thread. of course the guardians have pointed out that all
      the plantes in our solar system are warming(anyone have a decent link
      to a scientific source of this information) , and at least on earth
      this is due to FA activities. Of course, the sun and its output must
      have some bearing on this, and since there have virtually no sunspots
      since the sun enetered its bardoah cycle, does this effect global

      As for this site 'Prison Planet', i'm sure everyone has 'discermant
      filters on full' when considering this information. One thing i've
      noticed about this site is that they don't seem to cite references
      for their information.

      And since its quite a popular website i'm sure if they had really hit
      the nail on the head it would be shut down or used as disinformation
      by now.

      aqua lava

      paul uk


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