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Fwd: Homeland Security Or Homeland Enslavement? by Chuck Baldwin, December 1, 2009

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      Subject: Homeland Security Or Homeland Enslavement? by Chuck Baldwin,
      December 1, 2009

      Homeland Security Or Homeland Enslavement? By Chuck Baldwin
      December 1, 2009

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      By now, most readers are familiar with the story of how a Virginia
      couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, crashed the White House State Dinner
      last Tuesday evening. President and Mrs. Obama were entertaining Indian
      Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the first official State Dinner of the
      new administration. The Salahis were not on the invited guest list, but
      were still allowed to walk right into the White House. They even had
      face conversations with both President Obama and Vice President Joe
      Biden. Photographs of the Salahis with the President and Vice President
      have been published in numerous newspapers and on hundreds of web sites.

      I wonder if the American people are thinking this episode through? Think
      of it: in the post-9/11 world, a world that has invented the Department
      of Homeland Security (DHS), the Transportation Security Administration
      (TSA), body scanners, retina readers, the Patriot Act, hundreds of laws
      and regulations restricting the freedoms and liberties of the American
      people, thousands of cameras photographing our public movements, and
      satellite spy devices, a couple can walk right into the White House and
      meet the President and Vice President without being invited!

      Is there something wrong with this picture, or what?

      I well remember what I had to go through when I was an invited guest
      of then-Vice President George H. W. Bush at the White House. My wife
      and I joined several others for a luncheon with Vice President Bush
      and his wife, Barbara. Later that day, we were in a crowd of several
      hundred who got to meet President Ronald Reagan. Needless to say,
      security was tight.

      Upon arriving, we had to show the proper credentials to White House
      security, along with a photo ID and the personal invitation that had
      been sent to us ahead of time. I remember how some of the folks who had
      actually received invitations were denied entrance due to bureaucratic
      mix-ups or unintentional lapses in proper protocols. And these were
      people who really did have an invitation to be there. I can tell you
      this: there was absolutely no way that an uninvited person could have
      gained access to the White House that day. And remember: that was nearly
      two decades BEFORE 9/11!

      That an uninvited couple could be granted access to the President and
      Vice President in this day and time is more than a "fluke." It betrays
      something much deeper.

      For the last 8 years, the American people have been told they must
      sacrifice certain liberties in order that the federal government might
      protect them. And for the most part, the American people have been happy
      to accommodate this incessant intrusion into their personal liberties.
      They know the feds are monitoring their emails, personal phone
      conversations, and even their personal letters when received from
      overseas. They have sat silently as their banking institutions have
      monitored and reported virtually any and all financial transactions to
      the federal government. In today's super-security world, one cannot even
      cash a check without showing the bank teller his or her driver's
      license, which is recorded and made available to the feds. Sometimes, we
      are even required to provide our thumbprints. Beyond that, even certain
      service personnel that must come into our homes to provide in-home
      repair services, home inspections, or general services are often
      required to report what they see to various law enforcement authorities.
      All of this is done in the name of "national security."

      All the while, America's federal buildings today more resemble castles
      of ancient Europe than they do buildings that house the people's
      servants. Concrete barriers along with super-reinforced, "bomb proof"
      structures remind one of castles of old, with their guard towers and
      filled moats. Today, people must walk through metal-detectors and
      surrender their pocketknives to even visit their local supervisor of
      elections office (or just about any other public office, for that
      matter). Again, this is all done under the rubric of "homeland

      In the name of "national security," veterans who have been accused of
      some kind of domestic disturbance or who have affirmatively answered an
      ambiguous question on a VA form regarding whether they have feelings of
      "anger" or "depression" are having their right to keep and bear arms
      stripped away. That's right, in the name of "homeland security," some of
      the very men who were entrusted with lethal weapons to fight America's
      wars are now being told they are not fit to purchase or possess their
      own firearms.

      Yet, in spite of all of the above, an uninvited couple is allowed to
      calmly walk right past Secret Service personnel and have personal
      audiences with the President and Vice President of the United States in
      what is ostensibly the most heavily-guarded, tightly secured building in
      the country: the White House.

      Furthermore, this story comes on the heels of the mass shooting on what
      one would think would be a rather secure location: the US Army base at
      Fort Hood, Texas. And, have we forgotten the fellow who brought a gun
      into the Capitol Building (the home of the US Congress) in Washington,
      D.C., a few years ago and killed two police officers?

      Dear Reader, ask yourself this question, Do you really think those
      schmucks in Washington, D.C., actually believe that protecting you and
      me is more important than protecting American soldiers, US congressmen,
      and especially the President of the United States? "Are you serious?"
      (To quote Nancy Pelosi.) The truth is, to the elites in DC, you and I
      are expendable commodities. In fact, to some of the soulless creatures
      running things, you and I are worth more dead than alive (but that's a
      topic better discussed at a later date).

      The point is, all this talk about "national security" is simply a ruse
      for Big Government elitists to steal our liberties and make slaves out
      of us. They don't care about security; all they care about is POWER.

      So, the next time you are required to be strip-searched by an airport
      screener, or to surrender your pocketknife at your local county
      commissioner's office, or to show your driver's license to your bank
      teller, or to submit to a random police checkpoint; the next time you
      make a phone call that you know is monitored by a federal agent (and
      they all are), or drive under a video camera, or visit these castle-
      esque federal buildings, remember Michaele and Tareq Salahi. And, if you
      are old enough, remember the time in America when we really were the
      "land of the free." And also remember that it's not security they seek--
      it's the abolition of our liberty.

      P.S. This is the final week to order THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS: 50 of
      America's finest historical documents in one volume and available
      only here:


      But I warn you, reading THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS will only remind you what
      America used to be, so read them at your own risk!

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