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  • Eric Reinhardt
    Greetings and welcome to the group. Article V of the Constitution allows for the Constitution to be amended via 2 methods. The first utilizes the state
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2006
      Greetings and welcome to the group. Article V of the Constitution allows for the Constitution to be amended via 2 methods. The first  utilizes the state legislatures AND Congress. The second strictly utilizes the state legislatures and is known as the Constitutional Convention method. Congress is only involved in the latter in the aspect of formally calling for the Convention after the state legislatures vote to have one(a formality) and then in specifying how the states will vote on amendments emanating from any Convention(via the state legislatures or state conventions). The reason our Founders included this second method of modifying the Constitution is because they envisioned a time such as ours when the Congress would be corrupted by greedy special interests(big money) and would not be responsive to the
      needs and desires of the states and populace. A good book to read related to this is Breach of  Trust: How Washington D.C. Resists Reform and Makes Outsiders Insiders by current Oklahoma Senator Dr. Tom Coburn. Another book to read is Second Constitutional Convention---How the American People Can Take Back Their Government by Richard Labunsky.
      The aim of a national Constitutional Convention as I envision it is to dismantle the federal government in its present configuration and then reassemble it at the regional level where it will hopefully be more accountable to the people and the states (if it is not, then state constitutional conventions(provided for in most state constitutions) can correct the situation). In essence, 10 independent republics will be created on American soil under my plan---similar to the breakup of AT&T into the baby bells some years ago. The idea here is to diffuse the power of the oligarchy which has brought our nation to the brink of economic and social ruin.
      Be that as it may, I hope we can all work together to make a national Constitutional Convention a reality in the very near term---the future viability of our nation and our children's future is what's at stake. 

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