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FW: [DavidIcke] Heroin , Afghanistan , and the C.I.A.

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      Subject: [DavidIcke] Heroin , Afghanistan , and the C.I.A.


      Ever since Ronald Reagan funded Osama Bin Laden in his fight against the Soviets using heroin profits funneled through the

      CIA,the CIA and the US has been heavily into funding its co-

      vert operations through the drug trade.



      Confirmation that the problem continues comes from a report

      last fall of a CIA Gulfstream II crash loaded with cocaine.

      The CIA stirred up Islamic fundamentalism to undermine the

      Soviet Union.Now drug money continues to flow i! nto combat-

      ing those we armed and radicalized who have now turned

      against us.



      Meanwhile,the addicted in America populate homeless shelters

      and jails.



      Perhaps the reason why the CIA’s well-documented role in the global drug trade is never really acknowledged is because it

      never really ended.

      Other Western countries like Great Britain are quite hone! st

      about their history of drug trading,but we still engage in

      self-censorship, even amongst the Left,when it comes to ac- knowledging that similar activities have been carried out

      by the CIA in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and

      Latin America during the Iran-Contra Affair.



      Perhaps the reason why the CIA’s well-documented role in the global drug trade is never really acknowledged is because it

      never really ended.

      Remember this story? The video to your right is an update into

      the specifics:



      A GulfstreamII jet that crash landed in Mexicos Yucatan Pen- insula in late September bearing a load of nearly 4 tons of cocaine.This particular Gulfstream II,was used between 2003

      and 2005 by the CIA for at least three trips between the US  

      east coast & Guantanamo Bay ! — home to the infamous terrorist prison camp — according to a number of press reports.



      Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb uncovered that the

      CIA was responsible for distributing cocaine into poor Los An- geles neighborhoods. Shortly after Webb exposed the CIA,he was killed: the official story is that he committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head.

      War is profitable,and the so-called War on Drugs is no diff- erent.Govt agencies make money in every part of the process:

      from sale,to seizure,to incarceration. America has 25% of the worlds incarcerated population,and a higher percentage of its black population in prison than S. Africa did at the height

      of apartheid.



      Sometimes there is a price to pay for telling the truth.



      Credible s! ources who were close to Gary Webb stated that he

      was receiving death threats,being regularly followed,and

      that he was concerned about strange individuals who were

      seen on multiple occasions breaking into & leaving his

      house before his apparent suicide on Friday morning.

      Webb,a Pullitzer prize winning journalist,exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports for

      the San Jose Mercury News.He was found dead on Friday mor-

      ning in what the police said was an apparent suicide.

      Original Associated Press reports stated that Webb had died of gunshots to the face.This was later changed to single gunshot wound when people began to question how or why a man would

      shoot himself in the face twice.


      This represents a concentrated effort to cover up the nature

      of Webb's death.There have also been reports that the coroner

      on the scene had originally reported multiple gunshot wounds

      but later changed his story.

      Newspapers also reported the fact that Webb's body was found

      by removal men without questioning why a man who was about to commit suicide would plan a house move.

      The Miami Herald & LA Times continue to attack Webb even after

      his death in their obituariues published yesterday.Both claimed that his work was discredited despite the fact that Webb was vindicated by congressional investigations.

      Former DEA agent Cele Castillo concurs that Webb was murdered

      and that in such a revenge hit situation it was common in his experience that the murderers would have likely talked to Webb

      at length about how and why they were about to kill him.



      If the Taliban really controlled drug profits,wouldnt they

      be flying modern aircraft against us?



      Afghanistans heroin share dwindled for much of the 90’s.After

      the fundamentalist Taliban govt was overthrown in 2001,opium production escalated.The production of Afghan opium used to produce heroin reached its highest level ever this yr,acc-

      ounting for 90% of the worlds supply of opium.

      With Afghanistan accounting for nearly the entire product in

      a multibillion dollar trade,its obvious that the benefactors

      are not the Afghans growing the poppies.Afghanistan still re- mains one of the poorest countries in the world.



      Though official US sources will claim that Afghan warlords and

      the Taliban are collecting this revenue,the surge in opium cul- tivation actually coincides with the US-led military operation which toppled that regime.



      In 01,Taliban prohibition had caused the beginning of a world- wide heroin shortage for powerful interests.This fact is com- pounded when consider that the CIA was previously engaged in

      drug trafficking out of Afghanistan in the 1980’s as it sup- ported the Mujahideen against the Soviets.

      The connection between the CIA and the drug trade is well doc- umented.The agency was accused by various US soldiers in Viet-

      nam of smuggling opium into the United States to fund covert operations defending American corporate interests.



      It was also reported by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb that the CIA was responsible for distributing cocaine into poor Los Angeles neighborhoods. Shortly after Webb exposed the

      CIA,he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice.


      During the Iran-Contra Affair,it was also concluded that members of the US State Department were involved in cocaine trafficking from Latin America.In fact,the Deputy Director of Central Intell- igence in the CIA during the Iran-Contra Affair was Robert Gates.



      Yes,the same Gates who is now Secretary of Defense and heads military matters worldwide,including Afghanistan of course.

      With drug trafficking constituting the third biggest global commodity after oil and arms trades,do we truly believe that

      the Taliban is the benefactor,or the powerful business and financial interests sustained by US foreign policy?






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