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Re: 2013 Coca Cola Quiz competition

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  • Md. Tofazzel
    ... Answer : (C) COKE My Email Address : tofazzel_brac@yahoo.com Name: Md Tofazzel Hossen Mobile :01711807970 Country : Bangladesh
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2013
      --- In NationalConstitutionalConvention06@yahoogroups.com, Coca-Cola Company plc <casmirford@...> wrote:
      > Answer correctly and win $100,000 USD. This coca-cola quiz competition last for only 7 days and we will only attend to the applicants on the quiz who submitted their quiz answers earlier before the quiz closing date which is seven days from today. We advice that all answers should be submitted in due time to the quiz agent Mr. Edwin Wilson for process. wilsonedwin41@...
      > Remember that the quiz competition agent Mr Edwin Wilson will notify all the quiz applicants who answered correctly in three days of submission to their various email addresses.
      > Below is the quiz:
      > (a) FANTA
      > (b) SPRITE
      > (c) COKE
      Answer : (C) COKE
      My Email Address : tofazzel_brac@...

      Name: Md Tofazzel Hossen
      Mobile :01711807970
      Country : Bangladesh
      > NOTE: Send your chosen answer your email address, your mobile number, your full names, and your country to the quiz agent email address: wilsonedwin41@...
      > Regards
      > Signed
      > Management
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