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      Save these Dates!

      PBI News Alert, December 31, 2012
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      Save these dates!  2013 promises to be an exciting year for public banking advocates.  Below are highlights for the next six months, culminating in the annual Public Banking Institute Conference in San Rafael, California, June 2-4.

      If you support nonprofits this time of year, please consider donating to PBI.  We need your funding to continue educating and advocating for public banks throughout the USA, Canada and globally.

      January 10th and 17th 4, 9:00-10:00am PST
      Nuts and Bolts: A Public Banking Tool Kit; 
      2 Part Series, Taught by Tom Sgouros

      Register here.

      Tom Sgouros is a policy researcher and writer who specializes in economics, finance, development policy and other nerdy topics.  Over a 25 year career, he has worked both inside government and outside, for dozens of candidates, elected officials, and lobby groups. He was a candidate for RI State Treasurer in 2010 and a firm believer that what our financial system needs is more democratic control, and new kinds of financial institutions to replace the awful ones we have now.

      January 11th, 9:00-10:00am PST
      Get Organized!  Starting Your Public Banking Coalition Chapter

      Monthly call, Moderated by Marc Armstrong
      Register here.

      The Public Banking Coalition will be launched at the time of the annual Public Banking in America Conference in the spring of 2013.  Be a part of the Coalition by getting organized, which the intent of these monthly calls. Calls are scheduled for the 2nd Friday of January through May of 2013.

      June 2nd, noon to 5:00pm PDT
      Public Banking Training and Workshops

      Public Banking in America Conference

      Receive in-depth training on public banking organizing, messaging, concepts and more.  All provided in small workshops throughout the afternoon of June 2nd.  To be held in San Rafael, California.

      June 2nd, 7:00-9:30pm PDT
      Funding the New Economy Conversation

      Kickoff night to the Public Banking in America Conference

      This evening event promises to be a milestone for public banking supporters.  To be held at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, we will have an evening featuring world-renowned speakers and leaders calling for monetary, economic, and banking reform, with multimedia and theatrical readings interspersed throughout the conversation.

      June 3rd and 4th
      Public Banking in America Conference

      Our annual conference will be held at Dominican University in San Rafael, California.  This two day conference will once again showcase brilliant and entertaining speakers and will feature six case studies of public banking funding the new economy around the world.  Look for the registration information in late January, 2013.

      A Checkerboard Strategy for Regaining the Progressive Initiative

      by Gar Alperovitz

      An innovative "checkerboard" approach offers a range of specific progressive strategies that could be implemented at the state, county or municipal levels to democratize wealth and power.

      President Obama is Time magazine's "Person of the Year" - the first Democratic president to receive two consecutive popular-vote majorities since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yet these are clearly tough times for progressives. Everything progressives have fought for is seemingly on the chopping block nationally, and in many states and cities. Programs are being cut; public assets are being sold off; school teachers are losing their jobs; unions are being attacked; pension and health care benefits are being slashed - even Social Security is being challenged.

      Progressives, in short, remain on the defensive.

      No one would deny that defense is important. But even as every effort must be made to hold the line, how, specifically, might it be possible to regain the political initiative?

      History suggests one powerful strategy - one that begins by getting clear about the checkerboard of power, and its possibilities.

      Washington may be stalemated. But Washington is not the only space on the political checkerboard. The American system of federalism allows for political initiatives that can take the offense across a range of scales and locations, and politics involves many different squares on the board. Some are currently blocked, but others may be open for doing something interesting. A serious checkerboard strategy may also open the way to national solutions as well.

      The steady city-by-city, state-by-state Progressive Era buildup to national women's suffrage offers one well-known example of a checkerboard offensive. Another involved the state-by-state buildup of work and safety regulations prior to the New Deal. In more recent times, numerous places on the checkerboard have demonstrated how progress on social issues can be made as well, square by square, over time, even in a very conservative era.

      Prior to 2004, for instance, no state in the nation allowed same-sex marriage. Today, less than ten years later, same-sex marriage is legal in nine states and the District of Columbia. Moreover, broader public opinion is slowly turning in favor of equal rights for same-sex couples. Step-by-step, further progress is all but certain.

      Similarly, fed up with the harsh repercussions of the failed drug war, a majority of Americans now favor legalization or decriminalization of marijuana - and two states on the checkerboard, Colorado and Washington, recently voted in favor of legalization. (Many more already permit the use of medical marijuana).

      Along with such highly visible successes on social issues, just below the surface of public awareness numerous important economic and institutional advances have long been developing in cities and states occupying different squares on the board. Although the increasingly hobbled national press rarely covers state and local issues, the advances include little noticed progressive policies in support of cooperatives and worker-owned firms, public- and neighborhood-owned land development, public power and internet delivery, new environmentally sustainable energy strategies and even public enterprise, including publicly-owned health care facilities.

      Numerous additional policies operating in various parts of the country also could be turned to progressive advantage and expanded over time - if there were a clear strategic determination to do so (and a lot of hard work). Among others, these include: municipal investing strategies, state venture capital investing, pension and retirement fund investing, move-your-money and bank-transfer efforts, land and mineral revenues for public benefit and municipal methane-capture efforts. On a larger scale, public banking efforts similar to the Bank of North Dakota and progressive health care reforms similar to those recently adopted in Vermont are being pursued in dozens of states.

      What is striking about the new range of possibilities is that most also introduce the concept of democratizing wealth ownership into practical and political reality.

      continue reading...

      © Truthout


      We keep expenses to a minimum, but there are costs we must incur.  Can you help us out?  Please donate & do your part to support public banking.  Thank you!

      Join the Coalition -- Find out how!

      • Jan 11 -- Monthly Call on forming Public Banking Coalition chapters or affiliates for your city/county/state.  Register here.

      Victoria Grant to Tackle Private Banking in New Video

      December 29, 2012
      Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press

      Note -- Victoria Grant will be giving this new speech at the Public Banking in America Conference in June.

      TORONTO – It began as a Grade 6 public speaking assignment that Victoria Grant only planned to deliver in front of a handful of classmates. It ended as a fast-paced financial lecture that engrossed attendees at an international banking conference and earned the 13-year-old a fervent online fan base.

      The transition from regular student to pint-sized pundit took little more than two months and threatened to make life for the Cambridge, Ont., teen even more complex than the banking systems she was trying to dissect.

      But Grant says her taste of cyber stardom was little more than an extension of her everyday life.

      “I have been doing speeches and poems for my school, ” Grant said in a telephone interview. “I’m comfortable sometimes speaking in front of people. It’s not that hard for me.”
      Grant decided to grapple with the complex topic of international lending practices when she was assigned to prepare and deliver a presentation for her school speech meet. Drawing upon YouTube documentaries and her father’s knowledge of the subject, Grant crafted a six-minute address expounding on why so many countries are faced with staggering debt.
      The speech — which includes a brief history lesson on Canada’s banking structure — eventually takes aim at the modern day financial system and champions a greater role for the country’s central bank.
      Grant said her initial presentation was well-received, but things only began to escalate when she came to the attention of a teacher with connections to financial consulting firm Primerica Canada.
      The teacher arranged for Grant to address the company, and from there her reputation began to spread.
      On April 27, scarcely two months after delivering the speech for the first time, Grant was addressing the Public Banking in America Conference in Philadelphia and kicking off a series of lectures that kept her busy for the next several months.
      Grant appeared before Toronto city council, but also got to travel farther afield. Her family was forced to decline invitations to major U.S. cities including San Francisco, but were able to venture out to Montreal for a financial conference and Ottawa for anniversary celebrations for the Bank of Canada.
      While there, however, Grant learned that Internet fame is no guarantee of reaching a wide audience.
      “Not many people showed up. It was only three or four,” she said. “I do want to get more next time.”
      Life has returned to a more leisurely pace since she began school this past September, Grant said. Her notoriety hasn’t damaged her reputation with her friends, who envy her recent travels even if they don’t share her enthusiasm for financial affairs.
      The lecture circuit has taken a back seat to Grant’s other passions, namely soccer, volleyball and learning about interior design. But things are expected to heat up again as the Grade 7 speech meet looms.
      Grant has already decided to tackle a presentation exploring ways in which putting a stop to private banking could alleviate poverty, and this time she’s ready to face a larger audience from the get-go.
      “We’ll probably put it on the Internet too because people are asking for another one, and then from there we’ll probably be asked other places.”

      More about the Public Banking Institute

      The Public Banking Institute (PBI) was formed in January 2011 as an educational non-profit organization. Our mission is to restore abundance to local communities.

      Public banking frees the credit potential of public revenues and then harnesses this public wealth to create sustainable, abundant and affordable credit. This credit -- our credit -- supports state and municipal budgets with both a new source of non-tax revenue and with increased revenue collection from expanding economic activity.

      PBI’s vision is to establish a distributed network of state and local publicly-owned banks that create affordable credit, while providing a sustainable alternative to the current high-risk centralized private banking system. This network will act in the public interest, using its counter-cyclical credit-generating capacity to stabilize potential credit crises, maintain the floor against threats of asset devaluations, build infrastructure, and fund expansion of critical industrial productive capacity.  Most important, public banking will create jobs, by partnering with local banks to fund local business, advancing credit for public infrastructure, and augmenting government revenues.

      PBI’s mission includes analyzing U.S. and global financial events to facilitate public banking, sharing best practices and lessons learned from research and initiatives in the U.S. and globally, using PBI’s online resources, website, webinars, blog, and in-person conferences.  PBI’s activities include:

      •Publication of research involving the U.S. private banking system, past and current;

      •Evaluation of existing and historical public banking models, in the U.S. and abroad;

      •Publication of research regarding the legal requirements, structure, and daily operations of existing and proposed public banking and financing systems;

      •Publication of a semi-annual legislative guide and presentations to aide local public banking initiatives; and

      •Organization of public forums that enable state and local public banking efforts.


      For more information on how BND operates, and how it partners with community banks instead of competing with them:

      •  “Public Banking in America” Legislative Guide, Spring 2011, pp. 17-23. Ed Sather and bankers from several states explore the North Dakota model. 

      • Bank of North Dakota, banknd.nd.gov

      • Public Banking Institute, publicbankinginstitute.org
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