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Fw: CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Ec onomically Illiterate / America's DARPA Wants to 'Protect' us From the Internet

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  • Eric Reinhardt
    ... From: The Daily Bell Subject: CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate / America s DARPA Wants to Protect
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      From: The Daily Bell <Editor@...>
      Subject: CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate / America's DARPA Wants to 'Protect' us From the Internet
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      Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011, 12:14 PM

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      Dear Free-Market Thinker,

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      CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate

      Thursday, November 10, 2011 – by Staff Report

      Every 2012 contender attended college. They all graduated. They went to schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Texas A&M, Morehouse, Penn State and Emory. But decades have passed since these Presidential candidates first stepped onto campus as freshmen. Is it time for an Econ 101 refresher course? America's Econ 101 professors say yes. In their view, the candidates continue to offer ideas and policies that wouldn't pass muster in their classes – populated by 18 year-old college students. "There are so many economic 'misstatements' being made," said Jonathan Lanning, a professor at Bryn Mawr who is teaching two introductory economics classes this semester. "And it isn't confined to any one candidate." ... Another professor who teaches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Michael Salemi, was able to identify statements from six candidates that "would earn failing grades in my Econ 101 class." Salemi called Ron Paul's rationale for returning to the gold standard "one of the most dangerous ideas put forward by a politician in recent years." – CNN Money

      Dominant Social Theme: When it comes to economics, Ron Paul doesn't know what he's talking about.

      Free-Market Analysis: So here comes Dr. Michael Salemi to defend central banking from Ron Paul. And where does his defense appear? On CNN, of course, the pre-eminent US media mouthpiece for the Anglosphere power elite.

      The more CNN sinks in the ratings, the more support it gets. It's kind of the anti-news channel in this regard or perhaps the media's most prominent example of the Peter Principal (outside of AOL, another elite-controlled outfit). CNN is constantly failing upward, along with CIA-trained Anderson Cooper.

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      America's DARPA Wants to 'Protect' us From the Internet

      Thursday, November 10, 2011 – by Staff Report

      Elite DARPA cyber heroes will protect interwebs ... DARPA is upping its cyber game in order to protect the internet it came up with, increasing its research budget from $120m (£74.6m) to $188m (£117m) for the fiscal year 2012. "DARPA's role in the creation of the internet means we were party to the intense opportunities it created and share in the intense responsibility of protecting it. Our responsibility is to acknowledge and prepare to protect the Nation in this new environment," Regina E Dugan, DARPA director, said in a canned statement. "We need more and better options. We will not prevail by throwing bodies or buildings at the challenges of cyberspace. Our assessment argues that we are capability limited, both offensively and defensively. We need to fix that." – The Register

      Dominant Social Theme: DARPA to the rescue of the Internet. Government on the march ... and aren't we grateful!

      Free-Market Analysis: We can see from the above excerpted article that the Darth Vader of US Intel/technology agencies is on the march again. DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Collectively, it will now shove its big, black helmet in the path of Internet "hackers" and make the 'Net once again safe for the "American Way."

      This means expanded budgets if they have their "druthers!" Very important. It also means, no doubt, an overhaul of the Internet – what DARPA controls of it – and far more intrusive government surveillance (e.g., the Nano Hummingbird to "provide reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities in urban environments," left).. All to fight the relatively non-existent threat to "Internet security."

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      Occupy Wall Street Should Focus on Central Banks: 'Pennies to the Fed Campaign?'

      Thursday, November 10, 2011 – by Staff Report

      A Chill Descends On Occupy Wall Street; "The Leaders of the allegedly Leaderless Movement" ... On Sunday, October 23, a meeting was held at 60 Wall Street. Six leaders discussed what to do with the half-million dollars that had been donated to their organization, since, in their estimation, the organization was incapable of making sound financial decisions. The proposed solution was not to spend the money educating their co-workers or stimulating more active participation by improving the organization's structures and tactics. Instead, those present discussed how they could commandeer the $500,000 for their new, more exclusive organization. No, this was not the meeting of any traditional influence on Wall Street. These were six of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). – Globalresearch/Fritz Tucker

      Dominant Social Theme: Occupy Wall Street is a movement of millions – and entirely uncontrolled.

      Free-Market Analysis: Here at DB, we would find it much easier to be cheerleaders for the Occupy Wall Street movement, even though we haven't been. We'd increase our (steadily building) readership and get pats on the back from unions and others in various "people's movements."

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      Bernanke Mulls Military Protection for Embattled Fed?

      Thursday, November 10, 2011 – by Staff Report

      Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will visit an Army base in Texas on Thursday for a financial literacy event with trappings of a campaign stump, as the central bank faces weak support in voter polls and is under attack by politicians on the right and the left. Among other activities at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Bernanke is scheduled to greet soldiers returning from duty in Iraq and to hold a town hall meeting with Army families. It is Bernanke's first visit to Texas and to an Army base; a Fed historian said he could not recall a Fed chairman ever visiting a military installation. – Fox News

      Social Theme: Hey, the Marines love the Fed. So what could be wrong with it?

      Free-Market Analysis: What the f--kery is this? This is a new kind of subdominant theme! It's one that is seeking to conflate the Federal Reserve somehow with America's military might. In our humble view it's also a not-so-subtle threat. Mess with the Fed and America's military may come after you.

      We've already written that the American central bank – the Federal Reserve is under attack as never before. In fact, we started writing about this two years ago. We knew almost immediately after Fed honchos issued something like US$16 trillion to corrupt colleagues that the system was done.

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      DB VIDEO REPLAY: Rep Grayson Grills the Fed's Ms. Coleman Over Missing Trillions

      Thursday, November 10, 2011 – by Rep. Alan Grayson

      Alan Grayson / Elizabeth Coleman

      Way back in May 2009, we posted this video of Alan Grayson questioning Elizabeth Coleman, the Fed's "inspector general" – whatever that means – over trillions that the Fed could not seem to account for.

      Now we're reposting it as an accompaniment to today's lead story entitled "CNN Defends the Fed – Calls Ron Paul Economically Illiterate." We mention Grayson in the story and we decided we might as well repost what we consider the video that may, in retrospect, be the one that "ended the modern Fed."

      It is in our view one of the most miserable performances by a top bureaucrat ever presented on YouTube. It is truly historical in its incompetence. And in fact, it shows how much contempt Fed top guns had for the American public – that they could send this person to Capitol Hill to represent the majesty of America's mightiest bank.

      Watch Video

      We look forward to hearing your feedback on today's Daily Bell.


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