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American Indian College Fund to Match Bea Arthur's Gift

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  • Rob Schmidt
    http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/american-indian-college-fund-to-matc h-bea-arthurs-estate-gift-of-100000-for-new-donations-up-to-100000-85209607. html
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2010

      American Indian College Fund to Match Bea Arthur's Estate Gift of $100,000
      for New Donations Up to $100,000

      DENVER, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The late actress Bea Arthur left
      $100,000 to the American Indian College Fund for the Bea Arthur Scholarship
      Fund as part of her legacy. Known for her roles as Maude in the television
      show Maude and Dorothy in Golden Girls, Arthur was even more passionate
      about her role in helping others, according to her sons, Matthew and Daniel

      "Throughout her life, Mom volunteered her time and gave generously to help
      those in need to get on their feet. She believed that education was the key
      to empowering people to have faith in themselves and to overcome the
      hardships and injustices in their lives," said Matthew Saks in a letter. "We
      are so proud of her. And we'll be so grateful to you for making a
      contribution that will double her gift and honor her legacy to give others a
      chance to achieve their full potential."

      "Thanks to Bea Arthur and her vision, American Indians across America will
      have the opportunity to earn a college education, giving them, their
      families, and their communities hope for a better future," said Richard B.
      Williams, president and CEO of the American Indian College Fund. "To honor
      Ms. Arthur's vision which is empowering American Indian students, the
      American Indian College Fund will match Bea Arthur's estate gift up to
      $100,000 for all new donations."

      Supporters can give by mail, donate online at www.collegefund.org, or call
      1-800-776-386 from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Mountain Time Zone.

      About the American Indian College Fund

      With its credo "Educating the Mind and Spirit," the Denver-based American
      Indian College Fund is the nation's largest provider of private scholarships
      for American Indian students, providing more than 6,000 scholarships
      annually for students seeking to better their lives and communities through
      education at the nation's 33 accredited tribal colleges and universities.
      For more information about the American Indian College Fund or to make a
      donation, visit www.collegefund.org.
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