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Hopi hosts Stephen Marley Tour

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  • Robert Schmidt
    http://www.navajohopiobserver.com/main.asp?SectionID=35&SubSectionID=47&Art icleID=5802 5/8/2007 2:47:00 PM Hopi hosts Stephen Marley Tour Somana Yaiva The
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      5/8/2007 2:47:00 PM

      Hopi hosts Stephen Marley Tour

      Somana Yaiva
      The Observer

      Hopi recently played host to a true reggae prince. Stephen Marley, son of
      legendary reggae "king" Bob Marley, graced the stage at the Hopi Veteran's
      Memorial Center on April 29. Parrot Promotions, a Hopi-owned promotion
      company headed by KUYI radio's reggae Diva Sista Parrot (Karen Abeita) was
      credited for bringing the Stephen Marley Tour out to the Hopi reservation.

      The sold out crowd jammed themselves as close to the stage as possible and
      swayed to the rhythms that were cranked out from the Marley performers.
      Many had to be turned away at the door because of the overwhelming number
      of reggae fans that flooded the doors and ticket vendors just to get close
      to the reggae guru.

      Marley is currently on tour to promote his new album "Mind Control," which
      was released by Universal Records. The show opened up with K'naan, a
      Somalian native who used his music to convey his feelings about his native
      country. His lyrics spoke about the life of the Somalian people, and the
      struggles that they face daily. Marley was also joined on his recent
      promotional tour by his younger brother Damian Marley (Jr. Gong), who also
      took the stage to support his brother.

      Stephen is the second son of-as one shirt proclaimed-the "King of Reggae,"
      Bob Marley. He began his youthful career as soon as he could walk, singing
      and performing onstage with his father and two older siblings, Ziggy and
      Cedella, and the Wailers. At age seven, the now five-time Grammy winner
      released his first single, "Children Playing in the Streets" along with his
      older brother, Ziggy, and two sisters, Cedella and Sharon, who make up the
      Melody Makers, the Marley sibling performance group.

      Marley's newest album combines the contemporary elements of hip hop, and
      dance music, with traditional reggae to make a truly "Stephen Marley"
      sound. Marley will make another stop in Arizona on Sept. 25 at the Cricket
      Pavilion in Phoenix. Then he and the tour will head to California.

      "The people-Hopi people and Indian people-have many things in common with
      us. The peoples' spirits are parallel, and they are good people, God's
      people, and they are very special. There is much that I wanted to see here,
      but we have to get going and I hope to return again to perform here again,"
      stated Marley after the concert. Marley later stated that he had been to
      one other reservation that he could remember. As a youngster he performed
      on a reservation in Florida.

      Many of this concert's attendees were Hopi, but there was also heavy tribal
      representation at the show, from Navajo, Ute, Pueblo, and Apache, not to
      mention the many others who traveled from Flagstaff, Phoenix, and southern
      Arizona communities as well as New Mexico and California.

      For more information about Stephen Marley, his new album "Mind Control,"
      upcoming show dates or to sample some of the music featured on the album,
      visit Marley's web site at http://web.stephenmarleymusic.com
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