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New Webzine Keeps it Live, Informative and Entertaining

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  • Robert Schmidt
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2006 Contact: Carole Quattro Levine, Editor Phone: 734.398.6899 Email: Carole@nativevue.org NativeVue Film & Media:
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      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2006
      Contact: Carole Quattro Levine, Editor
      Phone: 734.398.6899
      Email: Carole@...

      NativeVue Film & Media:

      New Webzine Keeps it Live, Informative and Entertaining

      Most people, when asked what they know about Native American films will
      tell you Dances With Wolves or maybe a TNT western. Even those familiar
      with Native cinema have difficulty accessing information on movies, actors
      and directors, as well as finding out where they can actually see their
      favorite films.

      Premiered this month, NativeVue Film & Media (www.nativevue.org) is a new
      online magazine dedicated to cultivating an interest in Native American
      cinema by featuring North America’s most innovative indigenous filmmakers
      and performers. The webzine includes feature articles, bloggers from the
      publishing, radio, and film industries, and a discussion forum—all with the
      purpose to communicate what’s out there, who’s doing it, and why it’s

      “What we do is provide ‘real-time’ conversation about what is happening in
      Native filmmaking and media,” says Editor Carole Quattro Levine. “The best
      way to accomplish this is to collaborate with the folks behind the scenes.
      Keep it current, keep it smart, but never-ever talk down to the reader.
      With the team we have, I think we’re off to a great start.”

      NativeVue covers the well-known to the up-and-coming, acknowledging that
      getting the word out is the most effective means to foster a growing
      interest in these underappreciated film artists. Current articles include
      profiles of filmmakers Tim Ramos and Rueben Martell, features on the
      award-winning documentary, Gang Aftermath, the American Indian Film
      Institute Tribal Touring Program, upcoming film festivals, and movie
      reviews. The content, adds Levine, “will change all the time. As we get the
      info, we’ll share it. The internet, unlike print publications, is a dynamic
      form of communication, which means people who access it want the here and
      now, not the there and then.”

      NativeVue bloggers include a distinct team including ThinkNDN radio
      producer Suzette Amaya, actress and screenwriter Misty Upham, a live stream
      to publisher Rob Schmidt’s “Newspaper Rock” blog, guest bloggers and
      contributors, and Levine. Like-minded souls, she says, “who celebrate the
      power and beauty of film; Natives from the Northern prairies to the desert,
      non-Natives watching from an outside prism; screenwriters, directors,
      performers, journalists. And those who just love watching movies.”
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