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see comments to article - More Money Woes Found At Native Congress

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      Subject: see comments to article - More Money Woes Found At Native Congress

      More Money Woes Found At Native Congress
      Ontario affiliate boss claimed expenses for daily travelling to and from office

      From Thursday's Globe and Mail

      OTTAWA — Federal auditors have found new spending problems at the federally funded Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, including the case of a native leader who was claiming mileage and per diems for daily trips to and from his Thunder Bay office.

      The Indian Affairs Department is auditing the congress, the main national group representing natives who live outside of reserves, to examine how federal money to its Ottawa headquarters and eight provincial wings is being spent.

      The audit has found that $163,245 spent by the congress's Ontario affiliate, the Ontario Métis Aboriginal Association, has been disallowed and must be returned.

      National chief Patrick Brazeau said the congress will not tolerate such behaviour and has suspended the Ontario affiliate.

      "If you don't play by the rules, then you're out," he said.
      The Ontario affiliate received $476,700 in funding in fiscal 2004-05 for programs dealing with Métis rights.

      Federal officials stated in the audit that the Ontario wing was not able to provide detailed justification for invoiced payments to the Native Trading House, a company run by Frank Palmeter, a former vice-chief of the congress.

      The audit also lists $23,042 in disallowed travel expenses submitted by the president of the Ontario affiliate, Michael McGuire.

      "The destination shown on the travel claim is Thunder Bay, the place of (the president's) residence and OMAA office. The mileage claim is always . . . 100 km/day which seems to represent travel to and from the OMAA office. We feel that commuting to and from OMAA's office is considered a personal expense," the federal auditors wrote.

      The audit says Mr. McGuire also submitted expenses for meals on days when he was in Thunder Bay. Other disallowed expenses relate to national meetings and other activities.

      Mr. McGuire did not return a phone call to his Thunder Bay home.

      The congress was the only national aboriginal group to endorse the Conservatives in the January federal election campaign, and Mr. Brazeau frequently calls on all aboriginal groups to be more accountable for how they spend federal dollars. However, he has been on the defensive all year because of the audit, which he has described as a "witch hunt" by Liberal sympathizers within Indian Affairs.

      In June, Mr. Brazeau said federal auditors asked the congress's national office to pay back $127,310 in funding because expenses had been booked in the wrong fiscal year.

      Since 2001, the congress has also suspended its affiliates in Alberta and Manitoba and replacements are being created. Its Quebec affiliate is defending itself in court against a civil suit by its former president, who alleges his attempts to expose internal misspending were met with death threats.

      More money woes found at native congress

      From Thursday's Globe and Mail

      Ontario affiliate boss claimed expenses for daily travelling to and from office

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      1.. G. Sam from Stratford%252C%2520PEI, Canada writes: It appears that the Aboriginal Leaders have no problem implementing the 'Pork Barrel Politicing' methods of the Tories and Liberal governments across the Land! "What's good for the Goose is good for the Gooser"!
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 6:06 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      Jim Mason from St. John's, Canada writes: Why is this McGuire guy still working there. Most employees get fired for stealing from their employer.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 6:36 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      3.. Monk Eshines from Metropolis, Albania writes: Same old same old. Hogs at the public trough. Time to call a spade a spade. Let's treat everyone exactly the same with no porkbarreling and make nepotism illegal unless there are special circumstances. You work you pay taxes. You buy you pay taxes. Thats it Thats all.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 6:53 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      jiri z from Canada writes: Are we mistreating the aboriginals again? I think they should be allowed to hunt and fish out of season as well as steal government money at will. It's a tradition.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 7:20 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      5.. bob dick from Ottawa, Canada writes: What a gong show. So this congress represents natives that live outside reserves.... What's that supposed to mean? What have been some benefits? I just see this as 'fake' employment by government.... Has the time for this congress's life to come to an end?
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 8:35 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      6.. Bertram S from Toronto, Canada writes: Hey these guys are missing a real public relations opportunity here. They should claim expenses for the Caledonia protesters and have the money transferred to whoever is responsible stealing money in their camp. After deducting the donations that the Caledonia natives are asking for, of course.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 9:08 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      7.. Karl Lauten from Nipawin, Canada writes: Maybe he was making donations to buy building supplies for his brothers in Caledonia?
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 10:00 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      PJ Casey Jardine from Canada, Canada writes: What else is new!!!!!
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 10:37 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      9.. Ren Stimpy from Calgary, Canada writes: I am sorry to say this is not a new problem. Indian Bands all across Canada have similar problems. Why is it that the band leaders live well while the majority of their band members live in squalor? The time has come for any person/group/company that receives funding from any level of government to be accountable for how they spend it. If this means making some people personally responsible, then so be it. BTW - i did vote conservative, but think Harpo is not making the best choices.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 10:39 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      10.. k b from Canada writes: So they've stolen the equivalent of about 1/3rd of their annual budget? Tip of the iceberg with natives in Canada, but you can't call a thief a thief without being called a racist.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 11:05 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      11.. don regher from abbotsford, Canada writes: what a surprise.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 11:25 AM EDT | Link to Comment
      12.. M Poland from Calgary, Canada writes: Well, I certainly support Mr. Brazeau on this. Tax dollars have to be accounted for--wherever they are allocated and spent.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 12:51 PM EDT | Link to Comment
      13.. TERRI ROBSON from Kimberley,, Canada writes: Again Native Leaders allowing one of the more trashier of the white mans ways called corruption.Guess the spirits for this particular group were not happy with the endorsement of harper.They can expect more than just this from a government that calls a native fisheries program first(BC) a racist program,all first peoples of this country need to watch their collective backs and start taking better care of bussiness.
      a.. Posted 31/08/06 at 1:21 PM EDT | Link to Comment
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