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Scientists study tar ponds impact on pregnancy

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    Scientists study tar ponds impact on pregnancy WebPosted Tue Sep 4 13:34:59 2001 http://cbc.ca/cgi-bin/view?/news/2001/09/04/tarponds_preg010904 SYDNEY, N.S. -
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      Scientists study tar ponds impact on pregnancy
      WebPosted Tue Sep 4 13:34:59 2001

      SYDNEY, N.S. - Researchers will try to determine if living near the Sydney tar ponds on Cape Breton Island has had an effect on pregnant women and their children.

      A team of scientists from the University College of Cape Breton and McMaster University in Hamilton will begin a study examining how toxic chemicals may have affected the ability of women to get pregnant, or caused miscarriages or birth defects.

      UCCB environmental health specialist Helen Mercereau said a telephone survey will be launched as early as Friday. They'll speak with 500 women in the Sydney area in an effort to examine the psychological impact of living near a toxic site on a woman's reproductive cycle.

      Researchers will also spend close to two years looking for scientific evidence that could prove the chemicals had an effect on the pregnant women.

      They will look at hospital records of past pregnancies and study blood samples.

      Written by CBC News Online staff

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